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Christmas Giving

Just a thought for you….

As we count down just a few more days until Christmas, we- the riders of the Coast to Coast ride across America, along with the Hearts Up Ranch board, would like to remind you to remember Hearts Up Ranch in this Christmas season of giving. As you are donating to all your long-time favorite charities, please keep Hearts Up Ranch in mind as well. All charities begin somewhere, and we once again ask you to help us make this journey across America a successful fundraiser to give Hearts Up Ranch a home. Our goal is 2 million dollars in one year. With your help, one dollar at a time, we will all work together to make Hearts Up Ranch a reality. $2,000 will buy a horse to use in the program. $500 will help buy a saddle. And just $100 can help feed a guest at the ranch for a week so they can receive an opportunity for emotional healing. Our goal for crossing Kansas is 4,000 people giving $50 or the equivalent thereof before we reach the next state.

If the Lord leads you to give a Christmas gift to Hearts Up Ranch, we are very thankful for your generosity. Simply click the red heart on any page to make a donation.

Once again, we want to remember all the wonderful folks along the way who have helped on this coast to coast journey. Without your help and God’s protection, we would never have made it this far. As always, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. You will always be remembered as the most special part of this ride.

Yours truly, Richard and Jeannette McGrath- Founders of Hearts Up Ranch
and the board members of Hearts Up Ranch- Kelsey, Jay, and Ed

And our faithful horses who do all the hard work for this fundraiser!
– Tiska, Satchmo, Chance, Fiddle, and Apache

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