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Sorry about the blog intro being black on black. We are trying to get some help to get that fixed. Please let us know if anyone has a contact who knows word press. In the mean time, just click on the “read more” button in red and you will be able to read the blogs completely.

Apache is doing well. His back is back to about 90% better or more. The ‘worm anuerism’ I wrote about in the last blog must have been the answer. He got progressively better each day he was on the heavy dose of wormer. That blows me away- I guess you learn something new every day! We have eased him back into work. I have done a bit of hiking in the last several days, but I rode all day today. He is doing well. Thank you for all your prayers for his healing.

Tomorrow, we will arrive to highway 88. We will be staying at Cooks station one mile above Omo Ranch Rd. for 3 rest days. Our next big prayer request is for a window of at least five days of good weather starting Sunday or Monday so we can safely summit and get over the Sierra’s. Also please pray for safety from vehicles, drop offs, avalanches, and anything else that can get a little hairy in the mountains.

The last few days of riding have been all on roads. The horses have done well with traffic. If one started to get overwhelmed with the stimulus of leading, we switched lead horses. That seemed to work well. We got to chat with many people along the way, and raised a bit of money for Hearts Up Ranch. Our friends, the Emerys, stopped by for a quick visit. We got to go to Motherlode Church for a 3rd week in a row when we stayed the night with a nice family just down the road. It was the first time the whole trip that we actually had to go up to someone’s house to ask if we could stop! Thankfully, they let us stay and we enjoyed a nice ‘dinner and a shower’ with them. We enjoyed the next evening with a mom and her two kids, who were delighted to sit on Apache. It was a fun evening of roasting hot dogs over a fire and listening to incredible poetry written by a young boy. There were many motorcycles that passed us during this beautiful weekend. The horses did great with small groups, and managed to keep it together – barely- with large groups! We also stayed a night in the small meadow owned by a convenience store in Somerset. It was a much appreciated rest after a day on very dangerous roads to ride horses down. We were glad to get off those roads, and grateful for the lady who followed us with flashers for the last mile of the blind corners. Tonight, we are having dinner with Judy’s family, one of our dearest friends. Too bad she had to move to southern California…… :) We are staying on a lovely property a ways up the mountain. It will be nice to camp in peace and quiet tonight away from busy roads.

We are very excited that our next days of riding will bring us to our very first state line. Nevada, here we come!!!

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  1. Hello Richard & Jeannette,

    Thank you for sharing a small portion of your trip with my children and I. We are following your progress and plan to follow it all the way to Delaware! We are so happy for both you and will be praying for you each day. In allowing you to camp on our property in Placerville, California without any proir knowledge of your back ground, Hearts Up Ranch or of your trip, we have been truely blessed. We hope to meet both of you again, perhaps at the Grand Opening of Hearts Up Ranch.

    May the Lord watch over you on your long journey,
    Becca, Taylor & Aly

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