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Click the Red Heart!

Remember- today is the Hearts Up Ranch benefit day! Let’s pull together and raise $4,000 in one day! Tell your friends, your neighbors, your Facebook pals, and your family! It’s easy- grab a credit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express), click the RED HEART on any page of the Hearts Up Ranch website, fill out the info, and send your donation of love to benefit others in need! Rest assured, there is plenty of security and a well respected company protecting your information. All donations go directly to the Hearts Up Ranch non profit account. Thank you for your support in our effort to raise funds for Hearts Up Ranch as we ride our horses across America. Click the Red Heart, share your love, and create success for this journey!

Just a note- if you get a message about non-secure items on the page, it is only referring to a couple of pictures. (I called the company to make sure everyone’s info would still be safe.)

Thank you sincerely, Richard and Jeannette McGrath;   founders

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