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Coastal Range- DONE!

We hit another goal marker- we are officially over the Coastal Range! Yeah! :) We are heading out again tomorrow morning (around the Air Force Base!) We are looking forward to some flat riding for a while, and are excited about closing the gap of reaching the American Discovery Trail.

We had a blessed Easter weekend. We got to visit with Abby again, our long lost friend who found us after our horse accident. She showed us the ranch she works at where we also met the California coordinator of the American Discovery Trail, as well as a man who journeyed across America by horse and wagon with a group of disabled adventurers a few years ago. Our lives have been SO enriched by the people we have met on our journey thus far that it makes our heads spin!

We also enjoyed “dinner and a shower” with Jan and her family, who introduced us to our host family. The Easter church service was wonderful, as was dinner with the Martin family. We had a blast playing games with them, and even let the ladies ride Apache. It was Gwen’s first time on a horse! Since she has been so patient with the horses walking around her yard and through her flower gardens all weekend, we couldn’t let that memory opportunity pass!

Only 42 miles to go to get to the Rio Vista bridge and to the trail! We now have a beautiful sign for our pack horse that tells what we are doing so that people driving by on the streets aren’t so confused! Thank you SO much Terry! More adventure to come…..!


  1. Glad to hear you are moving along and being well taken care of. Will be keeping in touch.

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