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Company on a rainy day

There’s nothing better on a rainy day than having a cheerful new friend along. After staying the night with Patty, she rearranged her schedule so she could ride with us the next day. After lingering over breakfast and getting lost in conversation again, we finally got packed up and hit the road with Patty in our company.

The day went so wonderfully. Everything went smoothly- no horse problems, no gear problems, no traffic problems- it was smooth as silk. Now it did rain, but it was a light on-and-off tolerable kind of rain with a perfect cool temperature. And we had Patty for company. It was great to talk more and enjoy the day with her. Her horse and buddy, Willie, was absolutely wonderful. He did so well with the traffic and even crossed the highway overpass without a sideways glance. A gem of a horse.

Riding along 60 that day was easy-peasy, as there was a huge grassy shoulder almost the entire way. We made it to our destination goal in record time and began looking for a place to stop for the night. We pulled over at a local market to ask if they knew the owners of the closed down drive-in theater across the street since there was plenty of grass and space. They didn’t, but they knew the owner of the empty pasture behind the store. After a quick phone call, we had permission to stay at the pasture and use of the garage next door that owned by one of the nice ladies at the store. They were so incredibly nice at that little store- they fed us breakfast in the morning, called the paper, and even raised about $200 for us just in a quick couple hours!  Just as we parked our horses, the sky let loose and we rushed to get our gear unpacked and into the garage before it got wet. It was pretty awesome timing!

While we finished getting the horses ready to turn out, I spent some time with Patty and fitted her horse for Renegade hoof boots. John, who we met at the corner yesterday, picked up Patty and Willie to take them back to the barn. Since it was supposed to rain all night, we opted to leave the horses in the pasture and spend one more night with Patty, so we joined her and John in the truck for the ride back.

We swung by Best Buy on the way home to replace our camera. We had replaced our camera (again!) in Lexington, but the new one had a tiny crack in the screen, so we returned it. It turned out to be a perfect blessing because the camera had gone on sale and we got a good chunk of change back plus a second battery!

We spent the rest of the night hanging out with Patty again. It was like a bonafide slumber party- we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep! But we had a blast with our new friend … and we are still brainstorming ways we can take her in our saddle bags! :)

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