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The days leading up to the Mississippi River crossing over the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge were hectic! The days were filled with endless phone calls, errands, computer work, and other preparations.

We could not  have done it without the gracious help of many individuals- both behind the scenes online and locally. We have previously thanked by name all of our wonderful helpers and their crews who spent countless hours, resources, skills, and time assisting us. But here is another


to all of those amazing people who made us feel so welcome in the Cape Girardeau area and Missouri in general. A great standing ovation of appreciation also comes from Hearts Up Ranch for everyone’s support to make it a success.

We had the opportunity to talk at the local Cowboy Church, the Lorberg’s church, and the youth group at the Kaminskey’s church. We met some very special reporters from TV, radio, and newspaper alike who joined the locals in welcoming us and Hearts Up Ranch to the area by excellent coverage of our story.

Despite the intense amount of work that had to be done to prepare for this public event, it was well worth it. We made some very special new friends in Cape area- including the Lorbergs who were wonderful hosts and helped us in every way possible with the workload, made some great memories, and had a smooth and successful event!

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