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Crossing to Colorado!!!!!

Yippee! We made it! We are actually in the state we have looked forward to the most. It’s kind of funny though, how journeys change as you go. We have most looked forward to riding through the Rockie Mountains, but we are here so late that we may not even get to do that other than on the roads. I remind myself not to expect anything out of this journey other than to enjoy the ‘ride’  of it. Besides, the people we have met continues to be our favorite memory anyhow.

Charlene and Max, as well as their sweet son Terry, loaded us down with fresh produce from their garden, as well as dried goods for our mountain trek. We hugged them goodbye with tears in our eyes, and know we can add them to our list of new friends.

Once again, we were giddy with excitement as we got close enough to read the Colorado welcome sign. We found a nice New Zealander who was also stopped at the boarder to take pictures, and he became our camera ‘victim’ and snapped our picture as we crossed the line. We exchanged info with our new ‘mate’ and headed off towards the Rocky Mountains looming in the distance.

Our bedroom for the night was under a lean-to at the fairgrounds in Dove Creek, Colorado. Clint Medley, a friend of Lynn and Lynette’s, met us at the gate and unlocked everything for us. We visited with him for a while, and let the horses free to roam around on the many fenced in acres of grass at the fairgrounds. The night was cool but pleasant, and we were lulled to sleep by the sound of happy horses galloping around playfully and enjoying their rare opportunity to have acres of freedom. Aaaaahhhh……  sleeping in Colorado tonight. :)


  1. YeeeHaaa!!!

    Been reading and thus feeling your days as you traveled from Boulder, UT. So happy to hear you have made the border. We know you still have some desert to go, but there should at least be more agriculture within nice distances now. Sorry to read about the campground in Henry Mts…(like it really makes a difference way up there!) I understand them wanting to keep cows out; okay anyway.
    At any-rate, glad you had some assistance that got you through and all watered.
    Our Mountains here in Beaver received 4 inches of snow in the last 24 hrs, so I guess summer is over eh. We wish you a golden aspen ride and loving people as you make your way to Pagosa Springs.
    Happy Trails,
    Kathy and Dayle

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