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Day 3- Worse than day 2!

If day 2 was lousy, day 3 was plumb miserable.

Richard’s cold was not going away and was making it difficult to work hard. We didn’t sleep well at all again, so I let him sleep extra long to try to recover. Always a mistake on the road- it put us behind and riding in the heat of the day. Right. Now I remember. Yup, it’s like starting all over. How quickly we forget.

Fiddle’s cinch area was rubbing despite our efforts to prevent it. So we called upon a previous contact at a tack store in E-town. Jackie drove out to find us and brought us a crouper for Fiddle to try to keep that saddle back. We were grateful for that personal delivery!

Apache was a little uncomfortable despite the removed pressure on his withers- mainly because it just hurt.

Chance – well, he STILL pulled back. Now we were mad. We had made absolutely sure that nothing was hurting him, yet he still pulled. After getting away with it several times, we thought maybe he had learned he could do it. Even with a chain on to make it hurt when he did it, he still pulled back. We can’t drag a horse to the East coast that doesn’t want to go. We were very disheartened. When he broke loose again today and horses scattered in traffic, it was nearly enough to make us throw the towel in on the trip. We  had come close to getting run over 3 times in the last 2 days, and that was because of OUR horses, not people’s driving.

We had just had our last pull-back episode when Jackie brought the crouper, and we were still standing there when a man across the street came over to check out what we were up to. He offered to help us find a place to stay the night, then offered his place instead. We were so frustrated, scared of getting run over, feeling lousy from the lingering cold, etc.  that we just gave up for the day and accepted his offer. We made it a whopping 5 miles.

The only positive things I could come up with… We were still in one piece, had a place to stay the night, and well, Tiska was still not having any problems.

Oh- and that we had each other. We spent a wonderful evening visiting with Norman and remembering how trivial our current problems are. We sat and listened to his enjoyable stories about his travels with his wife all over this country. She had just passed away a month ago today.


  1. What an unexpected blessing and a treasure for you to “happen” to meet Norman when you did. Take courage – The Lord knows the plans He has for you…

  2. Aw man, you have to be kidding me! He sat down? Unbelievable! You will laugh about it years later. Please be strong, take comfort in God’s word and some chocolate. Were you going to contact me with directions to help? Much love and prayer, Juli

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