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Decisions on the trail

The American Discovery Trail is an amazing cross country route that is excellent for hikers, decent for bikers, and useful for horses. The organization is constantly making improvements to make the only coast to coast trail continually better for any mode of travel.

In the meantime, we have learned that there are some sections of the trail that simply are not practical for travel by horse. Ted and Trevor, who have been a tremendous help, gathered information from locals and hikers who had recently traveled the back country trails of Nevada where the American Discovery Trail goes. Unfortunately, they learned that much of the trail in the wilderness areas have a greater shortage of water than anticipated as well as many sections of trail are quite dangerous for the horses. After getting in touch with Matt, who rode across America many years ago, he confirmed that this route was not an advisable way. Thus, we made the slightly disappointed decision of taking the accepted alternate route of staying in the highway 50 corridor- for the safety of the horses and the sake of water.wishful thinking- we've got a long way to go to claim this!

So if you notice we are not on our planned route- don’t worry- we aren’t lost (I don’t think!) The locals have been a tremendous help in sharing with us where the water can be found as well as the ranches close enough to get water. Then they often go the extra mile and call the ranchers to make sure we are welcome! People have just been so amazing! And when there isn’t water, we have found volunteers to bring us water in the buckets that Ace Stores so kindly donated. After all, horses drink far more water than we can feasibly carry- about 45 to 50 gallons a day. That’s about 400 pounds!

So as we travel, we will keep you informed about our proximity to the American Discovery Trail and our estimated route when we veer off the trail. At the moment, we plan to stay near highway 50 until Ely, where we meet back up with the trail. As we have learned already- even the best laid plans are, however, subject to change without notice! :)


  1. Cute family! Glad they are there for you and that you are getting good input on course correction.
    Here’s an idea. Get little solar lights from Ace Hardware stores about $6.00 here. They aren’t heavy. Save on Batteries and they do make good light! Just expose panels to light when you get to camp…should give you light around your camp. Doesn’t take much. I got a solar spot light (approx. 25.00…still not much weight) to shine on our American Flag out front at night so we don’t have to bring it in at night as correct protocol is flag can be out at night as long as light is on it. I put it out the first time at 5PM and it charged up and did it’s thing all night! Got inspiration from Solar Brad, a 81 yr. old guy I met at Dr. Dao’s. He made a solar car. It goes about 22mph….just about the same speed as your horses on a good cool day eh!

    Weather report for Ely, NV says thunder showers Sun. and Mon. Plan ahead.

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