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Don’t cry Mommy! :)

There are so many people we could wish Happy Birthday to on these blogs throughout the year. But it seems important that we stay focused on the goals of the ride which are of course:

1- Hearts Up Ranch
2- Accomplish a dream
3- and Inspiring others

But today is the birthday of someone very special. As I mentioned on Richard’s birthday and on our anniversary, this ride would never have been started if it weren’t for my husband’s support, encouragement, and motivation to actually DO it- not just dream of it.

But the dream would never have lasted into adulthood if it weren’t for my mother who encouraged me to follow my dreams.

She never told me my dreams were silly when I schemed of ridiculous things to do for my life or my business plans as a child. She just listened and encouraged me to dream, dream, dream. And I talked and dreamed ALOT- so that was no small thing!

She never agreed with my guidance counselors at school who tried in not so many words to tell me to “get real” and not to “waste my intelligence on horses.”¬†Instead, she encouraged me to follow my dreams with complete confidence that I would attain what I strived for.

She never forced me to get a higher education in anything that wasn’t where my heart was leading me. But she did support me when I chose to fly across the country for a unique equine college.

And I partially have my younger brother to thank for paving the way and preparing her emotionally when we do crazy things- but she was always supportive when Richard and I decide that ‘for real’, we were going to do this. I think before I believed we were actually going to do it, she already did.

So like me, she has now had two birthdays while we have been on the trail. And since I am unable to be there and am still without an income allowing me to send her a special gift, I hope this gift of public appreciation will at least lift her spirits.

So please join with me in wishing my supportive, always believing-in-me mother a most happy and blessed birthday.

*You are the reason I never stopped dreaming. I love you, Mommy, and thank you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) *


  1. Thanks for being soo subportive to your little girl, you know when there your kids they are still your little girls. Your daughter is so sweet, kind , lovable, and most of all she shines for Jesus, and without a lovable mom to teach her, she would be so sweet. Thank you for being a Godly Mom, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for raising a child that did not say “I Can’t”. As you share future birthdays the stories you can tel!

  3. Jeannette is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful people I know, a wonderful treasure to be near. I am proud to say in this short time that I feel I have grown to know her. She is a daughter of God, as you must have raised her to be. So I hope when you reflect on your life this day that you will recognize the purpose you have been given in life. If you feel it is nothing more than being a good mom to your children, what an amazing job you have done! I believe that you have willingly accepted this task the Lord has given you and will continue to provide support and encouragement to your family through the rest of your life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and ALL the blessings God has intended for you!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Graves! and I wish to chime in and agree with all the previous comments…you did indeed raise a beautiful daughter..inside and out! We love her too! So blessed she and Richard passed by our way!

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