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Don’t hit your husband with tent stakes!

After cleaning up the stick mess that Satchmo had made the night before, we got to work packing up camp. Normally, we have gotten in the routine that I feed the horses and start grooming and saddling while Richard packs up sleeping bags and the tent, then comes and helps me. Well, this morning, I decided to help Richard with the tent and we would saddle together. We were fairly good natured this morning, chatting and teasing while we worked. In a moment of silliness, I swung the nylon tent bag to smack Richard across the face for something goofy he said. I didn’t realize that the metal tent stakes were still in the bag…….. His swollen eye and cheek were a reminder that he did not think that was very funny. WOOPS. Moral of the story- don’t hit your spouse in the face with anything, and especially make sure there aren’t pointy metal objects in the item you are swinging! (Sorry Richard!)

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