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Don’t trust your ‘smart’ phone!

We woke to frigid temperatures and 3 inches of snow on the ground with the white stuff still coming down. It was official- we were taking an early break (6 days in a row instead of 8) to skip riding in subzero temperatures, bitter wind, and snow all together. Yeah, we really don’t need to go looking for frostbite!

Many hours were spent doing the usual work on our “rest” days- phone calls, emails, interviews, gear fixing, etc. We also had to go break ice out of the water for the horses. But we did get to have a few fun breaks in between the work.

Shelly and her friend from Macksville drove over to lend us a vehicle so we could make it to Wichita to pick up our new camera. We ended up visiting on the couch for a while which was nice since our last visit- both parties were shivering! We also spent part of an afternoon eating lunch with some of Bob’s friends. We had some real heart to heart conversation. It’s amazing how God puts us just where we need to be when we need to be there.

We also got to meet the ladies from the Hutchinson newspaper. We had spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them for interviews, so it was fun to have another interview in person. They took a number of photos during the interview, plus more while we were packing up the next morning. We attached the link to their story on the News and Events page.

Once the storm passed, it was time to head into the city to get our new camera and pick up a few things. After being offered a complimentary chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Wheeler, Richard and I got the royal tour of Wichita- thanks to the navigation feature on his phone. It instructed us to not only take the only toll road in the city (hmmm- ya think it’s programmed to do that?!)- which we avoided- just to be directed sneakily back to it and we lost that battle- realizing too late where it was taking us. Then, while on the toll road that we didn’t want to take in the first place, it told us we were passing our destination… down the hill to the back side of the building of the office with no exit in sight. Like we were supposed to just jump the guardrail of the toll road, bounce down the hill, crash into the building, and arrive at our chiropractic appointment! Well, that would put our story all over the map! So we took the next exit expecting it to adjust the directions and send us to the office… but no… it told us “make a U turn” and go back to the toll road! What? To laugh at us as we drive back and forth on the toll road- paying each time- just to wave at our destination as we drive by it with no access each time?! Do we really look that dumb?! It’s a conspiracy I tell you- a conspiracy! We finally used the phone for what they do best- make phone calls- and got directions from the office secretary- without having to go back on the toll road! Beware- you ARE smarter than your smart phone!!!

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  1. YES! We ARE still smarter than our smart phones! As long as we don’t get lulled into mindless obedience! hahaha! Love you guys and love your ongoing saga!

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