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Dragging Tiska

Our two days of rest were chuck full of activity. We spent several hours mending and adjusting gear again. Mending- always mending. If it isn’t from a mouse attack or something rubbing a horse wrong, it’s from wear and tear! Despite the feeling of sacrilege, we took the plunge and decided to cut out a section of Fiddle’s saddle pad to ease the pressure on her old wither scar that seems to rub no matter what we do.  Richard also spent tedious hours sewing a smooth piece of leather onto a part of Fiddle’s brichen on her pack saddle that seems to be rubbing her fur off. I am thankful for his patience when it comes to fine sewing work like that, as I would have blown a gasket! We also enjoyed our solar shower (with muddy river water) and it was gloriously refreshing! I had a go at washing our clothes in a bucket. They might be a little cleaner?! :)~  I have new appreciation for a washing machine too!

Ted also took us into Fallon to interview with a paper, stop at a radio station, and meet with a couple people about donations of items we need, such as water containers for our water drops through the desert. He is working hard at getting us media coverage to promote Hearts Up Ranch and the American Discovery Trail. Do you have any media connections? Feel free to join in and get us published!

The fun part came when we were invited for a private tour of Buckland Station, an old house on the Fort Churchill property that was used as a Pony Express stop and a place where pioneers could rest and resupply before they went of the Sierras.

We let the horses graze with hobbles in the afternoon. We have discovered that when they are full and bored, they start to head West. Not sure where they think they are going- I guess the last place they rested and could call home. We ate dinner and ignored them for a while, only to find them nearly 3/4 of a mile away- West! We were glad we had put their bells on so we could hear them. We are concerned about the desert and have not come up with a good idea for safely containing the horses when there is nothing to tie them to. We tried tonight a trick we had heard about- tie them all together as short as we could so they are nose to nose. Apparently you need more than 4 horses for it to work because they managed to walk straight- kind of dragging Tiska sideways as they went! That was a flop! Back to the drawing board! Can’t have poor little Tiska being dragged West! :)

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