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As rumor goes, “Eureka!” was the exclamation from a miner right after he found gold; thus, the town was named. We had a lovely rest in Eureka and enjoyed getting to know Terry and her town. Terry is a very sweet woman with a generous heart who was always willing to help us with anything we needed or jump in the truck to drive us around. She even drove us to Ely to plan water stops and find more contacts. The horses very much enjoyed the stay in her lush green pasture and the opportunity to roam around freely.

We had a pleasant evening with a local Eurekan who invited us and a few others over to his house so we could watch ourselves on national TV. That was exciting and encouraging. We know that the amount of media exposure we receive is directly related to the success of this fundraiser. Don’t ever be afraid to contact your local media- they generally write about what their readers want to see! If you have yet to see this show, there is a link to purchase it for $1.99 on our Facebook fan page, RideAcrossAmerica.

On one of our rest days, we met an amazing couple who we could have talked to all day long when we went to their leather and saddle shop, Sharp Saddlery. They donated their skills by fixing Richard’s chaps that had ripped. I also had the privilege to sit down and talk to a fascinating “old timer” who had been in Eureka for years, as well as all over Nevada ranching. He told me about his time as a “mustanger” which was an old term for a cowboy who’s business was capturing, breaking, and selling mustangs. He also informed me of the sad state of the mustangs because there are so many that they are starving and dying of thirst.

We were invited as guests and had the special opportunity to go to a concert in the old Opera House in Eureka. We saw “Celtic Country”, a band from Canada. They were very enjoyable and had an excellent harp player with a very unique Celtic style voice who added a suprising but beautiful twist to country style music. Thank you to Patty for getting us a CD and sending it to Wyoming for us to enjoy when we get home. We finished our day with yummy root beer floats with Terry and her friend, then went to bed and had late start to our ride the next day.  But it was worth being hot for one day so we could see the concert!


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  1. George Knapp from Las Vegas Now Channel 8 thought it would be a great story but he is out of town for 7 days and said sorry.
    Rest in the Lord…wait patiently for Him…do not fret. Psalm 37:7
    He will keep providing great MEDIA opportunities for sure!
    Love to keep hearing too about ALL the great friendly people you encounter!

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