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Exciting News Flash

Keeping in mind that our blogs are a week and a half or so behind our actual location due to our intermittent computer access, I wanted to share a couple important updates. This blog is not behind but is current information.

First, the snow storm that you read about yesterday was followed by a second one… which you will read about soon. However, the temperatures are currently in the balmy 50’s and all the white stuff is melting quickly. We are no longer in danger of ice and are doing very well. The locals continued to take great care of us through the storms and we were able to stop riding during the worst days. Stay tuned for details about those snowy days! Since we had computer access this morning, we didn’t want anyone to worry about us so I thought I’d insert this quick update.

And our most exciting news (I just can’t wait another week for you to find out!) is that we have a dog!!!!!! She adopted us 5 days ago and we LOVE her and she LOVES us! She is the most amazing sweet thing you ever met. We can’t wait for you to hear the whole story…. but THAT will have to wait. :) However… if you follow us on Facebook- you already know about this exciting news! Remember there’s three ways to follow us: on the blogs for the full story, on the Google Maps tracker for our current location, and on Facebook for current quick updates.

I’m so excited to tell this story… I just can’t wait for you to meet our new friend! :)

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