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Family Reunion and fun chaos!

Before getting the horses ready to go for the day, Oscar drove us to a local store for a quick re-print of some business cards. We ran out so quickly we haven’t gotten a new shipment yet! Then he took us to a local feed store who donated some needed items, and to a tack and clothing store to pick up a new cinch for Apache. Richard noticed a sore spot on him, and sure enough, his cinch had worn out. Just like that. It’s crazy how quickly they will sore a horse once they where out. We learned that the hard way with Fiddle back in the desert when we were without stores to replace the cinch.

I also spent quite a bit of time on the phone in the morning doing interviews with media contacts the Blews had given us.

Then… Ed, the Kansas coordinator of the American Discovery Trial, came for a surprise visit to meet us at the barn. We hung out for quite a while with him, as well as friends and relatives of Oscars.

THEN… channel 10 in Wichita called and wanted to come out and film us packing up and riding. Cool! So we got the horses saddled, bags weighed, everything ready to go. Then we waited… and waited…. and waited. I called back- the videographer had gotten lost and moved on to a new story… and never called. They were sending another one out. So we waited. By that time, it was lunch time and we were all getting hungry so Oscar invited us in for sandwiches.

Finally they got here. The man was really nice, interested, and stayed quite a while filming us. Unfortunately, they only ran a short blurb on the news and did not link it to their website so you will not find it on our News and Events page. It was disappointing, but at least we tried.

During the filming, guess who showed up 4 hours early? My cousins! We dropped everything and apologized to the reporter as we ran by him. There was much screaming in excitement, hugging, jumping up and down, and more hugging going on for a few minutes! They are some of our best friends and we hadn’t seen them in a very long time. Besides, they were the first family we have seen on this trip since the day we started, and they are the first people we know that we have seen since our friends west of the Sierra’s in California. And they drove all the way out from PA to see us! This was a BIG event!

 We finally regrouped so the reporter didn’t have to stick around too long and finished packing the horses. Oscar lent us a saddle so I could ride Tiska, and we put Jen on Apache so she could ride along with us. Scott, who we met yesterday, rode along too on one of his horses. The camera man got it all….! Hmmm. Maybe I should contact him and see if we can get his footage. That would be cool.

By the time we finally left, it was after 3pm. Our latest start ever! We had a good time chatting with Jen and Scott as we rode. A while later, Jen got off and we let Savannah, my almost 10 year old cousin, ride Apache while I led him. Talk about hard work walking in those big snow boots to give a pony ride! But it was sooo worth it to watch her smile like that. :) We finally pried Savannah off and let her two younger brothers have a ride- one on Apache and one on Satchmo. I must say, Satchmo is growing up. He’s given like 5 or 6 pony rides now! Pretty good for a 5 year old horse that was terrified of people 2 years ago!

We made a whopping 5 miles that day. Our next hosts, Alison and Chris Locke, picked us up with a horse trailer. We came no where close to getting to their house, so we decided with family in town, the best thing was to take the trailer ride and let them bring us back here to pick up where we left off. It’s been a long time since the horses were in a trailer, but they all did great.

Jason and Jen got a hotel while Richard, Alison, her son, a friend, and I all went and took care of the horses. We met back at their lovely home for a nice spaghetti dinner and to watch all of us on the news. We were so grateful that the Lockes are such graceful hosts and were willing to host our mini family reunion, completet with three small children, right in their home. It was shaping up to be a pretty awesome rest stop!

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