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Fellow Adventurers

Dave and Rosanna were pretty determined to meet us. They had emailed us a couple weeks ago inviting us to their house. After riding the race horse for the morning, we actually got in a full day of riding east, and during the day, they checked our GPS tracker and came out to find us! They had good reason too. There are not too many people out there that can relate to the challenges and adventures of riding a horse very long distances.

Twelve years ago, Dave, Rosanna, and two of their friends embarked on a long distance ride. They made it over 500 miles from Spearsville, KS to Leadville, CO. So they guided us in to a home where the family let us keep the horses then took us over to their house for the evening. There was a nice trucker too, who pulled over on his way home and invited us to his house. But he found us just after we had  made plans with our fellow adventurers. We sure appreciate how Kansans have been wonderfully hospitable and inviting us to their homes where we can keep warm. We had fun swapping stories all evening with our new friends. So many things didn’t need to be explained. They understood. Just as we understood their stories. There was a sense of easy comradery with these folks. It was a really neat evening connecting with people who have ‘been there.’ Later, I fell deeply asleep with visions of race horses dancing in my head. :)


  1. It was great meeting you both also. Just wished could have spent more time with you both to hear more of your stories. If you come back threw this area let us know and will have to give you a championship BBQ. I do Championship BBQ contest. Would be good just to sit back and relax and listen. Have a very safe trip and you both are in our prayers.

  2. We are still following you!! Hope you got holed up in Plevna before it got TERRIBLY cold. We saw our new grand-daughter in Wichita, and then Dave saw his cardiologist and came home the proud owner of two new heart stents. (He has several now.) It was not unexpected, so we are OK with it and he is feeling better. We’ll be watching and praying for your safe journey. Don’t give up!!!!!
    God speed!

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