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Fiddle’s “maiden ride”

We were tempted to just plain not get up. There was enough feed for the horses- barely. And we had the stock pond. We were tired. Worn out. So were the horses. It was the morning of day 10 since we left Boulder without a real rest. But we had to get the horses out of the desert where they could eat better and not keep losing weight. This was the first time we’d had trouble with weight loss on the whole trip. We finally got up.

Satchmo has been struggling. Something is wrong with his back left leg. He can’t bring it all the way forward when he walks. It doesn’t seem to be very painful, but he is falling behind and walking with discomfort. We decided to pack him and have Richard ride Fiddle. That would have Satchmo carrying 1/3 of his normal weight and hopefully give him a little break.

Fiddle is SO CUTE as a riding mule! Maybe I’m a little partial since she particularly likes me and we are good buddies. But she really is cute! She carried Richard like a champ without any trouble. She even got brave and walked out in front and led the way for a while! The lighter pack on Satchmo seemed to help, but the pack saddle does not fit him well, so we don’t know how many days we can get away with this. We need to get rest soon.

Besides, we are tired of dehydrated food. It never seems to fill us no matter  how much we eat. We can eat a meal 3 times the size we would normally eat, then feel hungry 15 minutes later. It doesn’t matter- it just isn’t satisfying. Our days are starting to fill with longings for real food. Pizza, a peach, milk, chocolate. Fair food. It’s fair season we remembered- so then we wanted candy apples, fried dough, cotton candy… That’s it- I’m buying chocolate and taking it with me on the next long section of trail. I can’t take a chocolate-less life! I never thought I’d miss civilization like this.

We found another stock pond, much to our relief. We were just going on faith at this point with no real knowledge of  if -or where -the next water was. We hadn’t seen people since Hite. It was remote- real remote. We were just trying to stay focused on getting to Blanding.


  1. Hi Jeannette, Let me know where I can send you some goodies (if you plan on being anywhere for a few days and i’ll send an overnight package of goodies for you guys :) Send me an email :)
    Love, Chris

  2. I was just wondering, can I use John 8:36 with your ranch name/phrase? It says, “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”

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