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Fiddle problems again. While at Ole’s place, we decided to do some more work to Fiddle’s saddle. Richard filed flush the slightly raised bolts that hold her saddle together, as well as took off a little more wood to curve it better to her back. Michael gave us some salve that he makes out of pine pitch and fat for her sore and it seems to be working well. We also spent an afternoon and trimmed all the horses’ hooves. This stop to listen to Ole’s stories also serves in giving Fiddle some good healing time!

We received another shipment of Easy Boots, as well as a care package from home to replenish our elk jerky and dried fruit. While we organized them into our bear proof canisters, we had to fend off chickens and the cutest little black and white puppy named “Caper.”

We also spent more time with Ole going over maps. He is known to be the local guru on trails, so his advice will be very valuable in getting us to Hite crossing- one of the only places in Utah that you can get a horse over the Colorado River.

Our next few weeks will be very remote through red rock canyons- no cell phone reception and likely no computer access. I apologize ahead if there are gaps in blogs- but we will update again as soon as we resurface in civilization! In the meantime, your prayers for all of our safety will be much appreciated! God Bless- Richard, Jeannette, Fiddle, Apache, Tiska, and Satchmo


  1. Mine too. Left you message re chiropractor in Blanding awaiting your call, Dr. Sterling Black, who generously is donating his services!!

  2. Fiddle Sticks is right. Apparently San Juan Chiropractic will not be open on Sept 6, 9, 10,13,14,16,17.
    Have to plan for 7,8,12,15 and thereafter. You will probably be able to make one of those days…especially with a rest stop hopefully. No news on guest ranches for your layover yet.

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