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Plane Crash!

The night we stayed on the summit by the radio towers was so bizarre it’s going to take me three blogs to do justice to all the stories!

After the wind storm, we spent a bit of time trying to get all the dirt out of our clothes, food, sleeping bags, camera, eyes, underwear, etc. You get the picture. It was everywhere. Then we went to sleep.

What I didn’t mention is that we were right on the boarder of a Navy training base where they do low fly-overs and bomb tests. Apparently they don’t sleep.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 11 o’clock at night, I woke violently out of sleep with the sick realization that a plane was crashing right onto us. There was virtually no time to escape, but I tried anyway- determined to save myself. I remember crazed high pitch screaming- presumably coming out of my mouth- and a wild attempt to escape. Then my husband’s arms were around me in a bear hug and I was fighting him- trying to get away before the plane hit us- whether he was coming or not!

Then reality and understanding slowly came over me- mostly due to the comforting words coming from Richard as he still held me- mainly to stop me from ripping our tent to shreds. (I had no concept of zippers during those moments!) He explained that three fighter helicopters flew directly over our tent in attack formation- about twice the height of a telephone pole! It was deafening and shook the ground. After the shock, fear, and tears subsided and I realized I was ok- we fell into fits of laughter. He said I went absolutely berserk! I was ripping at the tent to get out- but my escape route would have run me right into the chain link fence at the radio tower! He wasn’t sure how that was going to help me survive! It was one of those moments that just kept causing giggles throughout the next day.

Then to add icing to the cake, we rode into a “town” then next day for a rest stop. We met our brand new host, Penny, and began sharing stories. We had only met her for about five minutes when we got on the story of how Richard fell off a cliff with the horses and I told her I had never screamed so loud in my life. Richard piped in- “Well, except maybe last night!” The looks we got……… I nearly died-  we had a lot of explaining to do! :)


  1. Not glad this happened to you but glad you shared this. Pretty scary huh! Now you know first hand how frighteningly LOUD it is for wild mustangs during BLM helicopter round-ups with helicopters a few feet from their heads, pushing them for miles over volcanic rock in many places.

    Praying this is the last time you have to experience this. Wondering if the Navy even knew you were there?

  2. LOL Oh my goodness, Jeannette, you crack me up. I was laughing SO hard.
    Apparently your life just isn’t exciting enough riding horses across the country so you have to add fighter choppers and such! Oh honey, if I were there I’d be hugging you right now!
    Love you! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

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