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Final Preparations!

It’s been two crazy months since we have had the opportunity to blog. I find it rather amusing that we will be able to keep in better touch with our family and friends, as well as update our website and social media, from the trail! We have been running around getting all the last minute things done. The last dehydrator load was filled today – whoo hoo! We are quite tired of that chore. All the taxes are done. The bills are paid. The insurances are set up and paid for a year. Our emergency contacts are in place. Etc. Etc! We stayed up until 3am last night and finished sorting out all our food drops for the next year. We also condensed and packed all our gear in the packs and weighed them. We thought for sure we would be overweight and have to find every ounce we could live without. God is GOOD! – We were JUST RIGHT on weight! Even with my little luxuries like Mary Kay face wash, a couple extra changes of shirts, and my shower scrunchie- we were still good on weight! (This makes my feminine side quite happy. :)  Now we just have to clean up our disaster at home from all our preparations, file the paperwork, check the air in the tires, and load the truck. Richard and I were just talking about how this all still feels like a dream or a movie we are watching and we can’t believe it’s really he and I that are getting in the truck on Monday and driving away to begin this adventure! I wonder how long it will take to feel real. Maybe when the saddle soreness sets in? Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has helped, supported, and been patient with our chaotic last few months. We appreciate each and every one of you. Keep us in your prayers. The first few weeks of riding are going to hurt and be exhausting until we get into a routine. Love to all, Jeannette and Richard

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