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Finally off the road!

We left the Bybee’s place midmorning to head East once more. It was our latest start in months, but the day was cloudy and sprinkly, so not to worry! Some days, we are just tired and achy and it’s hard to get going in the morning. We are so glad we are doing this while young, as it is definitely hard on the body.

Bill, a neighbor who was also our water dropper for the next couple days, rode with us for a few miles to get us pointed in the right direction. Today was the first time in weeks that we got to ride away from highway 50! We took dirt roads, cow paths, and open fields towards the quiet road that led up into the mountains to Cave Lake. All 16 hooves had Easy Boots on to give them a chance to catch up on growth.

On the way, we enjoyed a long conversation with a cross country bicyclist who was riding with a large group of young adults that were helping build homes as they went. He assured us that Cave Lake indeed was ahead! As I mentioned, some days just feel longer, and today was one of them even though we only did 15 miles.

The ride past the lake was beautiful, as it is the first large body of water we have seen since Lake Tahoe on the other side of Nevada. We passed through the camp grounds and continued on the dirt road further into the mountains where we could camp for free near the spring that fed the lake. Ashley, a sweet new friend from Ely, brought both us and the horses dinner that night and we had a wonderful visit! Thankfully, we got our chores done just in time to jump in the tent for an excitement filled night of close thunderstorms and down-pouring rain!

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