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Finish Line and Benefit Dinner Details!!!

After a grueling 21 months and 4,000 miles, a dream is finally coming true!

here goes nothing!

Richard and Jeannette McGrath and their four-legged companions are arriving at the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach after traveling by horseback across America all the way from California’s Pacific Coast. Their purpose is to raise awareness and funds for Hearts Up Ranch, a charity that combines the benefits of horses and outdoor adventure with prayer ministry to facilitate emotional healing from traumatic incidents.

Please join us when they cross the finish line at the Atlantic and for a benefit dinner for Hearts Up Ranch as we celebrate with the McGraths the successful completion of this journey.

The Finish Line

On Saturday, December 10, 2011 the coast-to-coast riders will splash 4 feet, 20 hooves and 4 paws in the Atlantic Ocean! You are invited to celebrate with them as they cross the ‘finish line’ at 1:00pm at the 17th St. Park in Virginia Beach. Parking is available at this location.

Benefit Dinner and Celebration:

Afterwards there will be a gathering of friends, family, hosts and well-wishers from across the country bringing donations and a potluck dish to share. There will be music provided by Andre Lopez and cowboy fare and ice cream provided by the church and members of the community.

5:00 pm
Saturday, December 10, 2011
Rugged Cross Calvary Baptist Cowboy Church
4832 Haygood Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(757) 499-1572

Bring a donation and a dish to share!

If your last name begins with:
A-K bring a side dish or veggies
L-T bring a main dish for 6+ people
U-Z bring drinks or a dessert

Richard and Jeannette are filled with excitement and joy as they approach the end of their journey and can’t wait to share this special day with you. Hope to see you there!

“We decided to make this ride to discover and bring to light the true spirit and kindness in the hearts of Americans—people that would be willing to help others put their lives back together again!”–Richard & Jeannette McGrath
While many have given generously, if everyone who has heard about this ride had given just $1, Hearts Up Ranch would be totally funded, permanently!What will you give?


  1. So excited for you all! Praying for you on your last few days for safety and that God will answer the what ifs to come. We will see you there!

  2. I haven’t even met you in person but being from Wyoming and Christians, that makes us family. I have followed you for 95% of your journey and have worried, prayed and told so many people about you. I am so relieved and happy that your journey is almost over. God has blessed you so richly and has helped many of us grow in our faith just by reading your blogs. You are heros and true disciples. Unfortunately I won’t be there to see you finish your journey but I will be there in prayer and spirit. I hope to someday get to meet you when you get back home here to Wyoming and tell you in person what a true blessing you have been to me. Congratulations and I hope and pray that the last days of your journey are safe and not too hectic. God Bless YOU!

  3. My family and I cant make it. The church is dedicating angel ornaments to the families who have lost someone this year. It is a sad time for us. But we are so happy for yal, and your future together. Living such a wonderful experience together, with your pets. You are an amazing couple and Im so proud to have met you for that brief moment on Black Oak Mtn, WV. God Bless you and your pets.:)

  4. Wow tomorrow is the 10th!!! You guys are awesome!!! You will have lots of jewells in your crown!!!! So PROUD of you guys and Proud I got to spend time with you at Bonnies, what a Blessing you have been to me and my 91 year old father, he talks about your finish and he just crys! You have touched so many hearts from young to the old!!!! I hope they put you guys on a talk show!!! I hope I can keep in touch throuh face book to see how your doing!! And I hope you guys blog for a while so we can see the pics of your finish!!!!! Wish we could be there!! But are are praying for you and fast healing in your bodys and the animals to!!! God Bless!!!! Love you in Jesus Name!!!!!! Babe and Earl form Kansas

  5. My brother and sister n law told me of your mission, I too am a animal lover and love horseback riding. I am glad you are safe and accomplished your travel and hope your dreams and plans for the ranch are fullfilled. You have made a long trip and I know you will be glad to get back home and the journey will have brought you much success and the adventure and time you have put into your long travel with your pets will bring you joy and happiness for your ranch and your ownselves I’m sure you’ve seen much in your travel..now after the benefit and those hooves and feet and paws get in the atlantic ocean, may that be a blessing and may you get a ride home and rest those brave animals feet and you own bones and hopefully the donaions will help with what your trip set out to accomplish. May God bless and continue making a difference in this dream you both set out to do…(I bet those lazy boys will be looking pretty good once you get back home to your ranch) ;)….

  6. What a pleasure it was to be a small part of your adventure on the road on Thursday. All of you, your four legged companions included were such an inspiration and truly a joy to be with for the time we got to spend with you. Faith and love do truly accomplish great things. I will always remember the time spent with you and your precious, courageous and very special animals.
    (It was truly an honor to scoop their poop)
    I so admire all of you, living the dream and spreading the word. Thank you again for a most special day. Sam and I are looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday. Congratulations on achieving your goal. Linda from Virginia Beach

  7. Wish I could be there tomorrow at the benefit…but I’ll definitely be there for the finish line!! Can’t wait! You all are awesome! Heather Brown

  8. It was our pleasure to meet two incredible christian people with goals and determination . We were so blessed that you came into our lives and home, we only wish we could have spent more relaxing time with you. Your journey has been long and our love and prayers are with you in the future ahead of you. God Bless you, hope to see you at the finish line.

  9. So proud of all of you! Now a new journey begins…fulfilling the dream! Hugs all around from Greenwood, CA!

  10. MY HEART IS SO WITH YOU!. Hallelujah Lord Jesus CHRIST!
    Hallelujah Jeannette, Richard, Fiddle, Sachmo, Tiska, Bella, Chance and Apache!
    You are all blessed disciples of the Lord.
    Grace be upon you and a tempurpedic BED beneath you. SO INCREDIBLE! SO COOL!

    Every time Mother and I cross “D” street in Petaluma,CA I see you walking before me!
    Love you, Terry

  11. Welcome to Virgnia Beach. You are both such a great insperation and hopefully evryone here will welcome you. My husband and I stopped by the KOA to wish you the best this morning. Hope you enjoyed the cookies. God bless you both for making the journey and helping others in need. Have a safe trip home.

  12. Richard and Jeanette, tried to get WAVY TV to get out to you. Not sure if they made it. Our station in Sacramento would like to try to get a phone call from you guys for our AM show either Sunday or Monday morning. It would be phone interview and we would use either website pictures and the footage shot here in Sacramento on your ride through. We would need you to call us so we could set everything up as far as time and correct phone line to call into.

    Again, Congrats! Mike “Domi” Domalaog

    My assignment desk number is 916 325 3306
    My cel phone number 916 416 5155

  13. Today is the day!!! So wish we could be there – but, we know you are surrounded by outstanding folks who have supported you in so many ways. I look forward to hearing “the end of the story” as it grows into the next steps…..your heart’s desire for Hearts Up Ranch! Rest well :)

  14. Congratulations to all of you! We are with you in spirit–have been thinking of you all day and all evening, especially since we know the area so well and can picture in our minds where you are. Sweet dreams tonight. Can’t wait to talk to you!

    Love, Barbara and Jerry (and Holly)

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing! You really DID IT! You must be proud and relieved and a little bewildered to be done :) I am blown away by your determination and stamina on this ride and you are truly an inspiration. I so wish we could have been there to see you cross the finish line. Please let me know if/when you will be anywhere near New England, it’s been over two years since we’ve seen each other. Miss you and love you!!!!


  16. Congratulations on a successful trip. May all good things come to you. Have a happy Merry Christmas and a good trip back home. Wish I could have been with you to cheer.
    Take care. Love, Karen

  17. Congratulations and God bless, you blessed us with your visit at the Montcalm Church of Christ, Montcalm WV while on your trip. God has answered our prayers for your safe and successful travels.
    We pray your mission for the ranch will be successful. I have often thought of the following scripture since your brief stay with us.
    Hebrews 13:2

    New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

    2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.
    In Christian Love
    Eddie Via, Evangelist
    Montcalm Church of Christ

  18. We’re getting worried about you. Sure wish you would post something. Friends remain friends even after you complete your ride and we want to know the rest of the story! Hope you are getting some well-deserved rest and finding a way home and enjoying visiting with family.

    Love you all. Barbara and Jerry

  19. Hope you made it safely and are now resting or traveling (slightly faster by trailer maybe??) back to Wyoming to recuperate and begin the next adventure of the mission of Hearts Up Ranch. Good luck and God Bless!!!!

  20. Congratulations on the complettion of your journey! God has truly blessed us with our meeting when you traveled thru Eastern KY (Kimper to be exact). When Sam made the comment that he would have us to fix dinner for you that night my first thought was what would I fix for someone that I had never met & knew nothing of their tastes. Nevertheless, we had a country meal with the tenderloin, pinto beans, cornbread and Sam’s fav mustard greens. There were other things added on the side but the best part of the day was talking to you & to Jerry & Barbara Lake. I consider very lucky to have gotten to meet all of you & pray that God will bless you even more in your journeys to come – whatever they may be you will succeed in all of them.

    Sam & Donna Hicks

  21. In reference to the above from Sam and Donna Hicks–what gracious hosts you were and what a delicious meal it was! I couldn’t believe you would feed us too; afterall, we were just fans just like you. We sure appreciate the effort you went to. It was a wonderful 24 hour visit we had meeting not only Jeannette and Richard and their four-legged friends, but Natasha and Cody and everyone else. We were just amazed by the kindness of everyone we met. We left there feeling like we’d been on a spiritual retreat. I was on a high for days. God bless you and your family and neighbors. And have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

    Barbara (and Jerry) Lake

  22. We were thrilled to see you crossed the finish line!!! GOD IS GREAT! He watched over you every step of the way and placed blessings before you and the animals (and they are more than animals, they are family)! We will continue to pray for you both and the crew. Give Bella a scruff for me. Rest, relax, heal and be happy! You accomplished more than many realize, but that is what will make it so worth while, is that you have touched so many and created witness for all of us to pass on. Love and Blessings, Nan Evans

  23. Hello
    I live in Virginia Beach and was following the story. I was wondering if you folks made it home OK. Please send some information to the Virginian Pilot so they can write a followup!

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