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Fireplace- the bane of our evening!

We had Christmas dinner next to the fireplace. We enjoy its heat and ambiance. We appreciate it’s warmth and significant meaning that we are not out in the cold for the Christmas weekend. So why would it be such a problem? Well, let me share a funny story.

Everyone has some amount of etiquette. Some more than others, admittedly. You lay it all out and often get too lax on polite practices for your immediate family. But most people are extra polite to those who they are just getting to know. In this case, being too polite bit us all in the butt!

We were engrossed in a movie. I noticed Rob squirming. Richard quietly got up and came back to the couch with shorts on. Joyce was pushing up her shirt sleeves. I had pushed off my blanket and was pulling up my pants to my knees. Even the dog was laying belly up and legs out. When I started to sweat- and it takes a lot to make me hot- I finally got the nerve to ask our hosts if we could turn the fireplace off. Just the flip of a switch and it was off- that easy! When I asked the question, it was like a dam of appreciation broke loose! “Oh thank God! I was about to die!” “I was melting but thought you guys were still chilled.” “I figured I’m always hot so I figured everyone else was still cold.” Me? I figured when I am sweating, everyone else HAD to be hot. The movie became less important while we laughed and laughed that we were all suffering miserably together but we all thought everyone else was still cold! That’s the price we payed for all being too polite to ask to turn the stove off! Silly, silly, silly! But hey, we had one of the hardest laughs I’ve had in a while!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
    I owe you guys so many phone calls and letters, I hope you forgive my lateness in all of the above! Happy new year to you both and all of your four legged ones. I am so grateful that you guys are in my life and that this year is all the better for it. I want to know soon where you will be resting your heads for a few more days so I can send you a proper CA care package!
    lots of love, Abs

  2. Thank you for stopping and staying with me. I enjoyed meeting you folks and hearing your travel stories and I wish you safe travels as you journey eastward.

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