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First day back on the trail!

Our first day back on the trail went smoothly and relatively uneventful. I nearly left my “utility belt” belt with the SPOT unit, camera, cell phone, water purifier, emergency kit, etc. at the May’s house! We were riding out the driveway and realized it was still sitting on the ground by the barn! That was a close one! We got our first mild taste of desert riding as we trucked through sage brush and deep sand towards Carson. A nice family was out tending their yard and allowed us to water our horses and use their restroom. We found a nice camping area along the Carson River after making a very satisfying 16.5 miles that day.

The night was far more exciting! Determined to get into an early morning schedule, we set our alarm for 3 am and tried to go to bed while the sun was still up. It was so hot in the tent, sleep did not come for a very long time. Around 11 o’clock at night, we had visitors- a herd of around 20 wild mustangs! We were woken up by the sound of our horses wildly trying to get untied, stomping, rearing, and trying to lash out at the wild horses. Richard jumped out of bed to chase them off- to prevent injury to our horses or breeding of Tiska! Perhaps it is  a little ironic that one of our biggest dangers out here in the desert, besides lack of water, is wild mustangs! Richard was just drifting back to sleep when the mustangs came back and he spent much more effort this time chasing the mustangs a very long way off.  The next time we were nodding off to sleep, we were jolted awake by a loud slap- beavers! Just as we were getting used to this new sound, coyotes came through the area yipping and howling. We finally gave in and changed our alarm to a little later just to get a some shut eye with hope that our nights would be much less eventful than this in the coming days! …… This was more wishful thinking than we imagined!

……….. For the sake of better entertaining you, I have decide to split up the blogs a bit more. Each blog will be a different day, as opposed to lumping them all together into one blog each time we stop. It will be a faster read and take less time each day but will give you something to look forward to on most days. Think of it like the 12 days of Christmas- more spread out means more days of excitement! So make sure to add the Hearts Up Ranch website to your favorites and check it regularly for more frequent updates on the progress of the Ride Across America!


  1. Wanted you to have a wild horse experience but not that one! Round ups continue all throughout NV and UT. It is also connected to BP oil! See this:
    New Evidence Links BP To The Controversial Elimination Of Protected Wild Mustangs From Federally Mandated Land In Several Western US States. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/mustangconspiracy/

    God be with you and keep you all safe! Have FUN!!!

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