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Floods, floods, Everywhere!

   We made our east once again after surviving that ferocious thunderstorm last night! We were heading for Sebree towards one of the few bridges that we could cross the Green River on. Thank goodness we didn’t try something stupid like take a short cut thinking the river would be small enough to wade through! (It did cross our minds!)  As we rode up to the bridge,  the flooding didn’t seem that bad at first. But as we got up higher on the bridge where we could see, we were once again flabbergasted at the flooding. The lower branches of the trees were drowning in water, the fields were under water, and where there once were crops, you could now water ski.  As we came down off the bridge, the first road that we came to looked like a boat launch.

It had been raining for hours and we were both soaked and starting to get cold. Yes, we have rain gear. No, you do not stay dry forever no matter how good your gear is. My brother who hiked the Appalachian trail gave up on rain gear and went with a plastic garbage bag. It was just as rain resistant but much lighter to carry!  About that time a couple came down to offer us a place to stay. Steve and Kelia had been given a heads up from Steve’s brother who drove by us earlier in a big rig. He told them that we looked miserable and like we could use some help! We were SOOO grateful! We put the horses just up the street in their tobacco barn and we stayed just a couple miles away at their WARM, DRY house. :)


  1. Terry, is was our pleasure. We really enjoyed having them, wish they could have stayed longer. I am now proud to call them my friends too!

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