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Getting back in a groove

It was a good end to a rough week. Richard was still fighting his cold and I could only move a little better on Friday, but we had many other successes. We tried one of Coy’s pads that had a hole cut out (not an added d0nut like we tried before, but a removed hole in the padding) right where Satchmo’s tender area is by his withers. It was a short 8 mile day, so we thought is was worth a try. He seemed to be back to normal after the swelling on Monday and with a stop for the weekend coming up, we went for it. Right away, Richard noticed that he was walking normal, with his head down and relaxed, ears forward, and a nice smooth gate.

Chance had another good day with not a bit of pulling back. Apache was walking normal with no signs of discomfort. Tiska was still just as tough and unphased as ever. And Fiddle had a well earned day off.

With Richard riding Satchmo- his well seasoned road riding horse, the day went much smoother than when he struggles along with Fiddle’s lack of riding experience. She’s much easier to deal with out in the middle of nowhere when he rode her when Satchmo was hurt in Utah, than she is to ride along busy roads.

We actually made our normal mile-per-hour time today even with several people stopping to talk. We rode right through the middle of Bardstown- a tourist town where many slack jawed visitors got an extra show! We were videoed by a local TV station, mentioned on the radio, and well received by the locals. We made it to Bob and Darlene’s house in excellent time compared to our traveling speed the last few days.

When the saddle was pulled off Satchmo, there was very little swelling, so it seemed like it might be a success. We will try it again every few days and keep careful watch, but we are hopeful that this solution will work.

Bob and Darlene are taking good care of us as are Coy and Gretchen who stop by and check on us frequently. They are helping us with adjustments and ideas. There’s always brain storming, trial and error, and jerry rigging involved (or Amish rigging as our new Amish friends from Hardinsburg call it!) But we think we might be getting somewhere with all our start-up problems. Now we just have to get Richard over his cold, my back to relax, and give it another shot come Monday. Hopefully next week will go a little smoother!


  1. Before I even read your blog, reading “healing for hearts stuck inside their own fortress”, touched mine. I’m blessed with a FB friend Sherry Southerby that shares these. It’s just what I need while “going through the desert”, providing peace, comfort and hope. It’s amazing how just a simple sentence can make me feel the presence of God.

  2. Kathy Hall I was lady with whom you spoke in Versailles today I crossed the road to check on you I passed your site on to my DAR ladies it was fun seeing you and I really admire what you are doing

  3. We are truly amazed by what you guys have done! We pray that the Lord will provide for you and keep you safe on the rest of your journey! May the Lord bless you!!!!
    We love you guys soooo much!!!

    Love, The Sharp Family

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