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Getting spoiled :)

I must confess, after we crossed the Mississippi bridge, we were wooped. Too many nights with too little sleep, stress, crazy amounts of phone calls and computer work, etc- meant we needed a little rest afterwards. Our new friend Melissa and her family took wonderful care of us, as also did their neighbors, Shannon and Karen. We enjoyed a little hot tub time, a movie, some time to love on Bella and hang out by the pond, and just generally relaxed for a day. We even got to see a play put on by the teenagers at Melissa’s church so they could fundraise for their mission trip, and Karen took me to a private flowering garden that allows anyone to drive through their driveway. It was absolutely wonderful to have a real day of rest. :)

We also heard our first tornado siren warning since the first one we heard in Stockton, MO when we were with Matthew and Heather. This time though, we happened to be at Rebecca’s studio looking at our pictures… and there was no basement! We watched the clouds go by…. swirling. Yeah, THAT was scary! I was shaking I was so nervous that we were going to end up in a tornado with no shelter!

I also got to be spoiled a little. My 30th birthday has been spread out a bit since our access to certain conveniences has been a bit spotty. But my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday since we can’t carry gifts along with us, and I said, “to get my hair done!” It’s been over a year and I was feeling frumpy. So I got my hair done. Then Richard decided that I’d been missing wearing a dress for long enough that it was time to spoil his bride so we spontaneously found a cute dress on a deep discount complete with shoes to match. I sent home my winter bulky stuff, so I am now proudly packing a dress, jewelry, AND high heels on our mule for those moments I need to feel like a girl! :)


  1. You look great! I love that you are carrying a dress and heels now too. what a kick!

  2. You look so beautiful! That’s great you can carry the pretty things with you. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

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