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Going Over the Rockies

Well, here goes nothin’! Once again, if you are reading this blog, there will be another gap in updates until we are over the first set of mountains and able to get to another computer. Keep in mind, you can still follow our current daily progress. As you know, the blogs are several days behind the current location. But while we are unable to update you, please watch our progress through our GPS tracker. You can know exactly where we are each day because the tracker automatically updates via satellite every ten minutes! Simply hover your mouse over the “Ride Across America” heading on the front page of this website, wait for the “Follow us on Google Maps” black box to drop down, click it, and wait patiently for Google Maps to load. The furthest right dot is our most up to date location.

Also, if we happen to have good enough cell reception to get internet on Richard’s phone, we will put a quick update on our Facebook fan page, “Ride Across America.”

The weather report is great for several more days, so please pray for that to continue. Also, would you please pray for ALL seven (FIVE horses and the two of us!) of our safety and health, correct navigation, and efficient travel? We look forward to sharing some beautiful pictures with you, as well as our Rocky Mountain adventures. Until then, God Bless!

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