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Got Distracted!

Ok- so we are totally excited that we are so close to the coast that we got busy planning our home stretch today. We think we have a finish date… but we are checking with family members first to make sure they can make it before we publish it. We have less (barely) but less than 300 miles left to go! WAY EXCITING!

Sooo, I got some blogs written, but I didn’t get the pictures added. They just aren’t the same without the pictures, so hang tight- I will try to get them published either tomorrow or the next day. :) We are going back and forth between houses (the place we are sleeping doesn’t have internet).  So thanks for your patience and we can’t wait to share our stories with you….. shortly! :)


  1. 300 miles is so far, that would take forever to ride. It’s getting cold too. I’m teasing! 300 miles is a blip, a hiccup, a flicker. I’m so skipping happy for you guys! Savor your last days on this grand ride, savor them like fine chocolate all the while sprinkling inspiration along the way. Virginia is so blessed by you.

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