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Got One! :)

Warning to vegetarians- this blog  may contain content you may want to skip! :)

The horses were so hungry that we were able to leave them out in the meadow all day and they never tried to leave. It was a great energy boost for them. We slept until 8, then cooked lamb sausage and potatoes for the four of us- Richard and I, and Mike and Dennis- our new campground friends. We spent the day washing up with our bucket, collecting rose hips to eat, attempting to cook prickly pear cactus (key word- attempting), and watching part of Tombstone on the guys’ portable DVD player until the battery died.

The real excitement happened in the evening. I had at some point last night mentioned to Mike and Dennis that my goal was to try eating lizard before we got out of the desert. They took me seriously. (Well, I WAS serious.) While they went out playing on their 4 wheelers for the afternoon, Dennis accidentally ran over a lizard. Mike noticed, skidded to a stop, stuck him on ice in their cooler, and brought him back for me to eat! He was a ‘fatty’- a whole inch and a half long from nose to tail tip and one quarter inch wide- a real gem! Actually, I was kind of glad he was tiny since I had to stick to my guns and eat this reptile in front of 3 guys! So I sharpened a stick, stuck it long ways through him, and began roasting. “Lizards roasting over an open fire” just doesn’t have the same ring to it! I made sure he was good and toasted. Then I looked at him for a long while trying to decide how to eat him. He was too small to get any real meat off, so the only choice was to eat him whole. I started with the tail- figured it was the safest way to start. Crunchy, slightly scaly, hmmmm…. not sure how it REALLY tastes. Better take another bite. A leg, the body, then the head. I felt like a savage. Kinda tasted like crispy chicken skin- so cliche- but the truth. Maybe it’s just because I cooked him to a crisp anyhow. It didn’t really taste like alligator, but then again, he was kinda small to tell. I was told there are large lizards where we are heading, but they are endangered. Guess I better not get hungry! I did it though! I ate a lizard. Except for the slightly scratchy scaly feeling in my throat, it was a pretty fun/funny experience! I can now leave the desert feeling no regrets! :)


  1. Too funny! I once ate a roasted ground squirrel in Canyonlands. Also tasted like Chicken!
    Can’t do Lizards!!! Tombstone in the desert? That was cool!!!

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