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Happy Birthday Richard!

This post is entirely dedicated to my wonderful husband, Richard. This post is in real time, not behind a few days like most are. Today is actually his 31st birthday. What a way to spend a birthday! I can’t sing enough praise for having a husband who is adventurous enough and loves his wife enough to be willing to give up a year of his life and go on a crazy adventure that wasn’t originally his dream! He adopted this dream to ride across America as his own and is a willing participant in its joys and sufferings. I know it never would have happened without both his willingness and his gentle prodding in the beginning to encourage me not to give up. What a gift he is to me!

Thank you, Richard, for all you are, all you have been to me, and all you strive to be. You are an amazing man, a joy and gift in my life, and a blessing on this journey we are taking. I love spending the time with you; both our conversations and our comfortable silence. The trials have made us stronger, and the awe filled experiences have enriched our lives and our marriage. I am so glad that we are still hand in hand as we ride our way across this amazing country.

Please join me in pouring out love and encouragement to Richard on this special birthday.

Richard-  Happy, Happy Birthday!  I love you forever- Jeannette



  2. Happy Birthday Richard! You are wonderful indeed! Hope God did not break the mold when he created you….we need more like you in this world of ours. I checked my cook books….nope..no sand birthday cake recipes..or sand cookies or sand tarts …you will have to make do with a tumbleweed and a match on a sand dune! Enjoy!

  3. Hey! Happy Birthday, Richard! I’ve been following you two and your faithful steeds. I am in awe of what you’ve been up to, and am so happy to celebrate this big day with you! Thank you for sharing all your colorful adventures, and the personal tidbits in your life and your goals. It is such a pleasure to keep you in my mind every day, wondering, “what next?!!!” So, this day is your birthday, Richard, and I agree with Jeannette that you are one wonderfully amazing man, sharing the journey, enjoying the ups and downs and being there for the experience, start to finish and then some. Love seeing you hand in hand! Many hugs for you both from elaine and Tommy! Continue in safety and strong love!

  4. Happy Birthday, Richard! You are amazing! This will definitely be a birthday to remember . . . your perseverance is admirable. Blessings!

  5. Happy Birthday Ricky! Thinking about you out there today and every day! You two inspire me with your faith and fearlessness! Safe smooth travels!
    Love Chris

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