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Happy Mother’s Day!

First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to our moms- Mommy Graves and Mama McGrath. Without your help, encouragement, and nurturing of our adventure spirit, we would not be on this adventure today. Thank you and we love you.

We also wanted to say a big thank you to all the moms and women who have touched our lives on this ride as well. You have been mother figures when we were in dire need, helping hands, full of encouraging words, and friendship to us on this journey. Thank you for your time, your hearts, and your effort.

To Monte Kruger, Kathy Kinkade, Cindy Gaffney, Janet Kannady, Karen illich, Robyn Dunlap, Terry S, Barbara, Patricia, Dr. Dao, Maggie Roth, Pat Elliott, Anne Teller, Donna Campbell, Deborah Emery, Jan Cadniff, Gwen Martin, Jodi Tuft, Demi Stewart, Lois, Kathy, Kelly, Mrs. Domalaog, Jenni Odum, Jolean Parker, Donna Russell, Tammy Martin, Amy Russell, Izzy, Tulen Emery, Kelsey Hester, Judy Maynard

If I missed any names, I truly apologize, for each and every one of the amazing women we have seen along the way have been truly instrumental in the success of this ride, our safety, and even our sanity at times! Thank you all and many hugs and love to you on Mother’s Day. :)  Love, Jeannette and Richard


  1. Keep the spirits high-2 days of questionable weather and then the sun returns as you reach minden. Judi Brierley is waiting for your call to assist you in the minden Genoa area.Her phone # 775-720-1827 and 782 -3889. Lots of love John and deborah

  2. Early this morning I read an email about a couple riding from CA across country that would be in the area and looking for pasture for their horses. I never thought I would run in to them, but it happened. A gal friend of mine has taken them all in providing shelter and pasture for the group.
    What a super nice couple. I hope that with some networking that we can help them find lodging and friends along the way.

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