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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, here we are… riding on Thanksgiving…. in the sleet…. and the traffic.

Just kidding! :)

Actually, we are spending the holiday with some friends we made in KEntucky who happened to travel to VA to spend Thanksgiving with their family. Then we are spending the day after with the family who is hosting us and our horses… Story to come later.

We are warm and happy and about to stuff our faces with amazing food- two days in a row!!

On this Thanksgiving, we want to remember all those very special people across America who have been the real heros in our story. May God bless you richly as you enjoy your friends and family.

And let me add WE ARE VERY THANKFUL to be ALMOST DONE!!! :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. So glad you are being well taken care of, as we knew you would be. Anxious to hear the story.

    God Bless you and your four-legged family.

    Jerry (and Barbara)

  2. Richard and Jeannette happy Thanksgiving!!!! I have been reading your all blog from the time you crossed over in to kentucky. I have taken the time to go back and read you blog from the start. What great reading and information that you have here. You all are also some of the few that I have read about that have made it with the same group of horses that you started out with. That is no easy under taking in itself!!! Enjoy and keep warm on those last few days that you have left.

    When you all get back home I hope that you will sit down and take time to cover some of the equipment that you used. What worked better then you thought and what did not work as it would be great to hear from those that have rode and used them as long as you all have.

    Thanks for taking us along for your ride.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just read your story and I know that your Hearts Up Ranch is going to be just what the doctor’s should be ordering to help heal those afflicted with a broken heart.

    Keep riding and let us know when you reach your destination.

    God Bless you for making a difference.

  4. Richard and Jeannette:
    Sorry I mist you two leaving yesterday, Theresa and myself had a great time with you guys over Thanksgiving break, If you’all need something give us a call or text, Friends 4 Ever. See you soon!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just looked at the Google Map and it looks like you are getting very close!
    I also checked the weather and it is in the 50″s. I am so happy and thankful for the blessings of better weather and grace!!!

  6. You are so close–almost to our old neighborhood! Did you stop at the peanut place on Rt. 460? Sure wish you could post more blogs. When do you get police escort? I hope 460 has wide shoulders. We pray for you daily. I hate that you’ll be in so much traffic, especially with Christmas shoppers. We love you all. Barbara

  7. It is December 1st. Watching your progress daily and YOU ARE ALMOST THERE. I’m so excited for you guys. I so wish we could be there to see you once again. And to see you reach the ocean. But will have to wait for your blogs to hear your excitement. I pray for all of your safety as you head into the really populated area. May God continue to keep his arms around you.

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