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Hazards of being Toilet-less :)

There are certain hazards of living outside. One involves a small shovel, a hole, and a date with a bush. Only the bushes weren’t terribly accessible. And sometimes you don’t really know exactly where you are. Especially when you get there in the dark. So you don’t think anything about choosing a nice open spot of grass- since you’re out in the middle of nowhere- and you’re used to the idea of no toilet. Then you hear voices- kinda close. And you hurry- fast. Just in time- you are ready to greet the trail hikers who pass by your camp…. and the horseback riders…… and the group of kids camping…….. and the couple on a morning jog…… and you realize- you are next to a major trailhead by a main road and you made it further than you thought yesterday! And you think- man- that was close- really close to serious embarrassment!

That’s how my day started. With a little humor and a real close call! Our ride was easy and relaxed. We rode on the road all day and enjoyed watching the horses in the pastures we passed get excited and run around and play. Ours are quite used to this and hardly pay the other horses any attention at all. But the field full of at least 100 horses that ALL came galloping by us bucking and playing- really got our horses attention and gave us a little run for our money in keeping them calm so they didn’t join the galloping herd! We had intended on taking a more quiet dirt road, but somewhere in the distraction of watching that huge herd of horses, we missed the turn and ended up staying on the main road into Lake Vallecito area.

It was getting late in the afternoon when a man yelled from a small cabin, “Hey – whatchya doin?” ¬†then… “Doya need anything?”

Weeellllllll……. actually……. a place to camp would be good!

So that’s where we stopped! There was tons of grass along the road and we high-lined the horses between their trees. We spent an interesting evening with Chris and Kelly listening to their stories of time spent at Rainbow gatherings and making new friends.

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  1. It’s so good to read the blogs again. Continue to stay safe and you are always in our prayers here in Wyoming.

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