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“If everyone who heard about us during the Ride Across America alone donated only $1, Hearts Up Ranch would already be fully funded. EVERY donation matters.”
– Richard McGrath

A charitable contribution of any size is much appreciated, is tax deductible, and will go directly to benefit Hearts Up Ranch. Your gift will be used to better the lives of others. Your donation matters.

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The Purpose Of Our Coast-2-Coast Ride Is To…

  • Raise awareness and financial support for the Grand Opening and daily operations of Hearts Up Ranch.
  • Accomplish a God given childhood dream of crossing the country by horseback.
  • Inspire others to follow their hearts and accomplish dreams despite personal circumstance or negative influences.
  • Discover and bring to light the true spirit and kindness in the hearts of American people.


The inspiration for our coast-to-coast ride started as Jeannette’s childhood dream. The vision stuck with her into adulthood, where she realized it was God-inspired and meant for a purpose.  Jeannette knew she would always regret it if she did not pursue this dream.

Richard offered to accompany Jeannette on this trip when she met him in college- before they realized they were destined to be married.  Richard has kept true to his word and adopted the dream as his own.

In creating the plans for Hearts Up Ranch, it became obvious that this dream was the perfect opportunity to provide funding to turn the vision of Hearts Up Ranch into a reality.

Sea To Shining Sea…

We are riding our horses, packing our gear on packhorses, and camping across the country from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean during 2010.  Our pack trip partially follows the American Discovery Trail, which starts at Point Reyes National Seashore in California and ends at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware. The route will take us through key historical points including parts of the Pony Express Trail, Dodge City, ghost towns, and National Parks.

We started on March 4th, 2010 and are nearing the end of our ride. We anticipate finishing around Thanksgiving, 2011 at Virginia Beach.  Our goal is to ride an average of 15 miles per day with regularly scheduled rest stops of 2-3 days each.  At this speed, it has taken us approximately 1 1/2 years to ride the nearly 4,ooo miles of our route across America. During this ride, we have been using many venues to raise funds to open Hearts Up Ranch.

We excitedly anticipate meeting many interesting people, especially those whose homes border the trail and our route.  As we we ride across the country, we hope to inspire people into accomplishing their own dreams, as well as prove that America is still full of kind and generous people.