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Couple Rides 4,000 Miles for Charity

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Photographer: Steven Smith

Huddleston, VA – A young couple rode through Huddleston Friday, hoping to find lots of helping hands and open hearts along the way. For the last 617 days, Richard and Jeannette McGrath, their dog Bella, four horses and a mule have seen it all: funny looks, people cheering them on, people yelling at them for slowing down traffic. They’ve spent close to two years without any modern day luxuries — no heating, no air conditioning – just each other and a few good friends. They hope to raise awareness and money for the Hearts Up Ranch……

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4,000 Miles on Horseback to Heal

Written by Jacqueline Sprague | Wednesday, 07 September 2011 21:29
Richard and Jeannette McGrath call it their life mission; to ride across america on horseback.  Back in March, the couple began their journey in Wyoming.  Since then, they’ve traveled 3,200 miles and are now making a stop in the Horse Capital of the World.”We’ve crossed eight states, We’ve had incredible amounts of hardship…..Click the link below to watch this excellent broadcast!
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Horseback journey helps others get ‘back in the saddle’

by Mike Landis, KY3 News
DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. – A Wyoming couple is traveling through the Ozarks on a cross-country journey promoting plans for a ranch offering emotional healing….. EXCELLENT AND WELL DONE NEWS REPORT- A MUST WATCH!
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“Couple Hits Kansas on Cross Country Horse Trip”

By Roger Cornish ,KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
Couple hits Kansas on cross-country horse trip…through Kansas this week. They’re raising money for “Hearts Up Ranch” a Wyoming non-profit organization that uses outdoor…which has now lasted almost a full year. (Unfortunately, they did not post the news clip that was on TV to their website, but here is the short write up they do have posted.)
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“Couple on cross-country horseback ride stops in Kansas”

Garden City, Kansas (KSN) — This holiday week, a husband and wife team are spending the holiday in Kansas, on horseback, as part of their cross-country ride to raise money for charity…. see the written story and news broadcast at this link.
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“Highway 50- the ‘loneliest highway in America’-“

Here is a link to the iTunes store where you can buy the show for $1.99 . . . best we can do, apparently.  “Kandahar 911” is the title of the July 13, 2010 show that features footage of Richard and Jeannette on Hwy 50 in Nevada. The first segment is on Afghanistan and a later segment is on Hwy 50! Enjoy!

iTunes Store – HDNet World Report – World Report, Vol. 2

“Couple Taking Long, Long Horseback Trip”

NBC (KCRA) does a wonderful news story as the McGrath’s ride their horses through Sacramento for the Hearts Up Ranch fundraiser. Check it out- it’s a good one!

“Frightening fall no obstacle for horseback fundraiser”

ABC (KGO) — A couple from Jackson Hole, Wyoming is getting ready to continue their coast to coast horseback fundraising ride after a frightening fall halted their trip last week. This story shows the news feature after Richard, Satchmo, and Tiska fell off a cliff.
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In Magazines

Check out this story highlighted in our own home area magazine!
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Virginia Beach marks end of horse trip across U.S.


The McGraths, a Wyoming couple in their early 30s, mounted up nearly two years ago just north of San Francisco.
By Joanne Kimberlin
The Virginian-Pilot
© December 9, 2011In the lethal heat of the Nevada desert, locals left them buckets of water. When one horse went lame in Colorado, a stranger gave them a spare. The dog began following them Kansas – a stray who had no idea what she was signing up for.

After 4,000 miles, 10 states and 21 months in the saddle, Richard and Jeannette McGrath are riding through Hampton Roads on the last leg of a coast-to-coast trail ride.

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Couple crossing America on horseback

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV
Long riders...
October 22, 2011 | By BILL ARCHER Bluefield Daily Telegraph
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News Photo Galleries – check out these awesome pictures at the link below!
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Kentucky Welcomes the Riders!

A well written and enjoyable article!
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Cross-country horseback riders reflect on time in Missouri at Cape send-off
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | By Erin Hevern ~ Southeast Missourian
Jeanette McGrath and her husband Richard, dog Bella, and caravan of horses cross the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau Tuesday, April 12, 2011 in support of Hearts Up Ranch. Wyoming couple Richard and Jeannette McGrath began their coast-to-coast ride for Hearts Up Ranch March 4, 2010, and hadn’t been lost once.Then they arrived in Missouri…..

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Couple riding horseback across America makes a stop in Stockton

by Becky Groff –  Cedar County Republican
*During every great adventure these words probably have been uttered by the journey-takers, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have been too afraid to start this journey.” So also said Jeannette McGrath of her and husband Richard’s goal to ride horseback across America……
Excellent article!
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Grass and Grain

Grass and Grain had an excellent and accurate article written about the Ride Across America and Hearts Up Ranch by Donna Sullivan. Unfortunately, access to their website requires a subscription to their newspaper. But here’s the link just in case you’re interested or you have a subscription!
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“Couple riding across country stop in El Dorado”

heartsupranch 008.jpg
Jeannette and Richard McGrath will be spending three days in El Dorado while their horses rest before continuing on their ride across the country raising money and awareness of Hearts Up Ranch.

By Julie Clements- El Dorado Times

For the past 10 months Jeannette and Richard McGrath have been making their way across the country on horseback. That journey brought them to El Dorado Wednesday afternoon….
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“Couple crossing U.S. on horseback”

Topeka Capital-Journal- “When a college student told Richard McGrath of her childhood dream of riding horseback across the country, little did he realize he someday would marry her and make her dream his own.”

*This is a wonderful article- well written and accurate; one of our favorites. Well worth the read on the link below!

Richard and Jeanette McGrath pose with the “Welcome to Kansas” sign on the western border of the state. The couple is riding cross-country and hope to reach the East Coast by spring.
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“Freezing out fear”

Goal keeps pushing pair that’s plowing through Kansas on trek.

By Kathy Hanks – The Hutchinson News

PLEVNA – Jeannette McGrath curled up on the couch at the Oasis Retreat Center trying to shake the bitter cold that has chilled her to the core in recent days. The thought of getting back in the saddle with wind chills about 10-degrees below zero Thursday morning was going to take some inner fortitude. Click the link below for the rest of the story!

(Travis Morisse/The Hutchinson News) Jeannette McGrath and her husband, Richard, tie their pack on the back of one of their horses before leaving the Oasis Retreat Center on Thursday. The couple, from Victor, Idaho, is riding 5,000 miles cross-country to raise awareness for Hearts Up Ranch in Jackson, Wyo.

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“Kansans impress couple on cross-country ride”

Jeannette and Richard McGrath are traveling across the United States to raise awareness and financial support for Hearts Up Ranch. They currently have just passed the Kansas-Colorado border.

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“Journey in faith”

Couple riding horseback across America with hopes to help troubled people.
CHIEFTAIN PHOTO/JOHN JAQUES Jeannette and Richard McGrath are staying with a friend in Pueblo West while taking a long rest in a cross-country horseback journey. They’re raising funds to build and open Hearts Up Ranch, an outdoor adventure and prayer ministry program for people living with emotional trauma.

See the full article by clicking the link below!

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By Grayson Sorrels

Visionary equestrians, Richard and Jeannette McGrath, are putting life to their dream of crossing the United States on horseback. They will be following the American Discovery Trail, but that’s just part of their dream….. Read the rest of the story by clicking the link below.

On the Radio – K-LOVE

3 minute nationally broadcasted interview by one of the largest Christian radio stations in the country! Follow the link to hear the story as Richard and Jeannette share their experiences and faith.
Featured StoryRead Full Article Here


20 minute interview with Lory Williams sharing the vision for Hearts Up Ranch, stories of the trail, and fundraising goals for Kansas. This was recorded and will be available to listen online shortly after Christmas. Enjoy!


A short 15 minute talk show will air our stories about our journey, adventures, and plans for Hearts Up Ranch. It will be played in two parts- on Tuesday and Wednesday the 16th and 17th of November at about 7:45 am- mountain time. Listen live on the link below!

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