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Hearts Up Ranch Benefit Day

This Friday, July 30th, is Hearts Up Ranch Benefit Day! If you have not yet clicked the donate button on this website, this is the day to do it! Grab your nearest credit card or bank card, click the red heart to the right that says “give love, donate” on this page or any page on the website, fill in the blanks, and give a donation of any size to Hearts Up Ranch!

Then take it one step further- ask one friend to do the same! Or if you have already donated- ask two friends! The goal today is $4,000. Lets make this Ride Across America not only an exciting adventure, but also a successful fundraiser! Please get involved and don’t let your friends forget! Thank you for your support!

(If there are any problems- PLEASE let us know so we can fix it!)


Tiska and the sweet girl

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