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Richard and Jeannette McGrath
would like to extend a very special thank you to all of our supporters.

First, we’d like to acknowledge and thank all the private donations of hay, grain, saddle pads, miscellaneous gear, food, accommodations, advice, maps and much more that have been given during the Ride Across America. These generous gifts have been vital to the success of this journey.

We’d like to thank our parents and family for believing in us, encouraging us, and remaining patient from the lack of grandchildren (so far) due to our adventurous lifestyle and big goals. Richard would like to thank his mother for generously volunteering to watch the house, the cat, assisting financially, and driving them up and down the east coast to visit family after the Ride Across America. Jeannette thanks her mother for always encouraging her to follow her dreams, even her wild ones! We also extend a thank you to Rick, Nathan, and Anna who spent many hours collecting our mail, sending our boxes of food, and looking after our cat. Also we salute Judy, Renita, and our West Virginia friends for spending untold hours on the phone and computers to assist in the fundraising, media, public relations, and logistics efforts of the Ride Across America. They were our hands and voices when we were out of communication. We give heartfelt thanks to those who were first to take a risk and support and sponsor the ride, as well as those who made it possible for us to continue with their timely donations of food, gear, discounts, and support. This was not a lone ride by two people, but a community effort around the country of those who dare and who care. We could not have done this on our own. And finally, we could not have succeeded without the THOUSANDS of people across America from California to Virginia who blessed us abundantly and generously as we rode our horses from coast to coast and as we coordinated a trailer relay back home. It is these individuals who are the real heroes in this story. To everyone named and un-named, we are utterly grateful for all of your special help and time. You ARE heroes in our minds!

We also honor all the precious souls who have helped us along the way in life. So many friends, acquaintances, and anonymous people have fed us when we were hungry, housed us when we were homeless, cared for us when we were lost in life, helped us limp through the maturing process, and especially encouraged us to hang on to our dreams and not ever give up! It is those folks who helped us hold on when life was hard, and in honor of them, we want to dedicate our lives to “paying it forward” into the lives of others. And in appreciation for the encouragement, we say “thank you” for keeping the spark alive in the dream to ride across the country. Dreams really can come true!

Above all, we thank Jesus for his saving grace, provision,  guidance, and protection on this adventure and life dream to help others. His loving attention to every detail of our needs continues to amaze us daily. It was and continues to be our desire that the ride across America and Hearts Up Ranch will glorify Him, for it is to Him that we owe everything.