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“I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Jung

The Purpose Of Hearts Up Ranch

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a family member who has seen the unspeakable violence of war and seen… a distant emptiness? Do you have a friend who was raped and lives her life through the filter and fear of that trauma every day? Or have you attempted to befriend an abused teen whose walls are high and hard?

People such as these, whose hurts run deep, are the reason Hearts Up Ranch is being created. The purpose is to facilitate emotional healing and to provide a peaceful outdoor setting where inner healing can take place. It is not limited to severe emotional trauma, but will also welcome individuals with life hurts such as marital strife and loss. It is not a facility that focuses on individuals with physical or clinical mental impairment, but rather, focuses on issues of the heart and soul. However, physical or mental impairments will not exclude an individual from eligibility for heart healing. All individuals wishing to attend the program at Hearts Up Ranch will be required to go through an application and acceptance process. Candidates for the program will be referred by the local community, churches throughout the country, and other organizations with similar goals of helping hurting individuals.

The setting creates an environment that promotes openness to exploration – both external and internal. The ranch and adventure activities planned for each individual or group will be tailored to their particular needs and hurts. The staff will be available to listen, counsel, and pray for each individual, as well as give them practical life tools for facing their hurts.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Assess the needs, history, and hurts of the individual guest.
  2. Organize specific ranch adventure activities to allow God to speak to their heart, push them past their typical comfort zone, build trust with the staff, and create positive experiences and memories.
  3. Facilitate confidential, open communication with an assigned staff member for sharing, counseling, and prayer ministry.
  4. Teach each individual practical  “tools” for continuing the healing process in their daily lives.
  5. Follow up phone counseling to encourage a lasting life change.

The counseling style will be primarily prayer ministry, but trained counselors will be on hand to address certain issues. Through Biblical principles, as well as personal experience in receiving prayer ministry, we know that Christ empowered change is transformative. We are partnering with the Elijah House to train our staff in the ways of their highly successful prayer ministry. Rather than repeat the information of this wonderful organization, please refer to their website, elijahhouse.org, for more details on what prayer ministry addresses and how it works.
In the search for answers and healing in your own life, don’t you wish you had a guide and map? Most of us flounder around for years before we either learn to cope, or find true peace in God’s Word and fellowship.
Please join with us in creating a place where the dynamics of a real mountain trail can lay the foundation for opening hearts and minds to the most important and life changing  life “map” they will ever encounter. The goal of Hearts Up ranch is to bring hurting hearts out of their fortress and to lift them up to God, the only true healer.


“I have come… to set the captives free!” – Jesus Christ

The Birth of Hearts Up Ranch…

 The Coast to Coast Horse Ride is the initial fund raising program to pay for the construction of Hearts Up Ranch and to hire employees to fundraise full time to build an endowment.  The ranch will operate off the interest of the remaining funds and supplementary yearly donations.

The goal of Hearts Up Ranch is to open debt free and be inexpensive or free of charge to those who come to the ranch for healing.

We invite the generosity of private and corporate donors who wish to participate in bettering the lives of others.

 As we ride our horses across America, our hope is that you will join with us in loving and caring for people who are broken. Financial donations from your heart will heal the hearts of those who are hurting and bring victory to their lives…

Please Give Your Love Today!