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Hello friends of Hearts Up Ranch!

We are very excited to be live online now and keep everyone posted with the latest news. It won’t be long until you can follow our progress online as we ride across the country! The target leaving date is less than three months away now! Our fundraising for the ranch will be underway very shortly too- as soon as the “donate” button is live on the website.

If you support our cross country ride for it’s purpose of helping others- or just for the excitement of the adventure, PLEASE share this site with all your friends and pass the excitement around. We need to raise 10K to live on for a year so we can devote our entire ride’s proceeds to the ranch! Every little bit helps.

In the meantime, we love to hear your thoughts and encouragement, as well as your prayers for this monumental task!

Happy Trails!
– Richard and Jeannette

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  1. I get to be the first one to blog on here!
    I’m proud of you guys for taking the steps to make this dream a reality!
    Line up as many people as you can to pray for you, because as I’m sure you’ve already seen, the enemy seeks to destroy what God has made: your marriage, your vision, and this trip!
    We love you! Keep us posted on how you’re doing!

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