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Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

…. here we are at (camp) Granada…..   :) So here we are in Granada, Colorado- it really does exist! :) We headed out of Lamar decked out for Christmas with Santa hats on, antlers on Apache, and a big red bow in his tail. We were warned that it is “barren” out there for quite a ways. Barren?! We passed a ranch house every hour or two! Barren is Nevada. Barren is Utah. Our perspectives are quite different now. If we can see a building or some sign of civilization anywhere on the horizon, that is not barren!

It was, however, a full 17 mile day to get to Granada. And due to the sun going down so early, it was just shy of completely dark when we got there….. still with no place to stay. We started heading to the nearest place we could make out in the dark that was horse property when I got a phone call from Leo in Lamar with the number to a connection in Granada. I gave the man a call and he invited us to stay at his place- only 3 blocks away! Street lights are a whole new world of wonder for us- we could find our way without a flashlight!

He had a large stock trailer that he backed up to his property fence to make two sides of a corral, then they pounded a couple posts and made the other sides with hog wire paneling wired to the trailer! We could  have smooshed all 5 horses in it and probably only one could turn around at a time, so we decided to tie Apache for the night so he didn’t get territorial in such a small spot.

We were then invited to stay in the parked motor home where it would be warmer than a tent. We cooked our dehydrated food that night, and it’s amazing how much better we could handle the taste after having a reprieve from it for a while. Tomorrow…… heading to Kansas!

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