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Highway 50- “The loneliest road in America”

Highway 50 has earned an infamous title- “The loneliest road in America.” It has both scared away some and enticed the more adventurous to venture out across this highway. In some ways, it is a very applicable title. There are times, especially early in the morning before the small town gas stations are open, when we go two hours before seeing any cars go by. In fact, I had fun having this picture taken of me sitting cross legged with the horses in the middle of a highway!

There are also very few critters to see considering the miles we have gone in between sightings. We were, however, surprised by a visit of antelope to our campsite one night. We have seen an occasional jack rabbit, two deer, and just recently- another rattle snake.

There is one group of people, though,  who must have been terribly lonely- the natives from many years ago. Richard and I made a special stop- 1/2 mile out of our way each direction- to a Petroglyph site. We have seen petroglyphs before, but these were impressively unimpressive! They were just scratches- most people would not have noticed them to be anything special other than some scratches on some pretty cool looking rocks. Those folks must have had nothing to write about!

But considering how few people travel Highway 50, we have been anything but lonely. It seems that the fewer the people, the friendlier they are. God has sent some amazing, wonderful, awesome, generous, fascinating, and simply lovable people our way. For instance, I have to mention Ruben and Sissie again. They drove almost an hour every day to find us, handed us coffee at 5:00 in the morning, brought us water, and most notably- refilled the cooler with food, goodies, and cold drinks for us every day from Austin to Eureka! This dear couple completely spoiled us with love and generosity. Ruben and Sissie- God blessed us so dearly when He put you in our lives. Thank you for everything you did to make our ride successful and our hearts light.But that’s not all! Almost every motorcyclist, RV-er, and trucker who pass wave and honk at us in encouragement. When we arrived at our next campsite- a road side rest area- we met more wonderful people. First, there was the family from Germany who let me use the bathroom in their RV. (Who ever heard of a rest area with no bathroom?!) Then there were the local ranchers who stopped by to offer us a place to stay for the night. Too bad it was 10 miles away after we’d already ridden 20- it was a superb spot, but we did water the horses there the next day. A couple locals came by and gave us fresh fruit and eggs that they happened to have in their vehicle. There were several people who stopped to take pictures of horses tied to the chain link at the rest stop and offer us encouragement. And finally, a man named Wes came by and unexpectedly gave us enchiladas for dinner! He had seen us on the road when he drove by, happened to be a neighbor of the Gaffney’s who we stayed with in California, and wanted to help us however he could.

We decided that stopping at a rest stop was not a great idea when one is trying to go to sleep at 4:00 in the afternoon. There are too many nice people!  But hey- sleep is overrated when you’re being blessed that much anyhow! :)

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  1. Great work guys. Keep you heads up and looking east. Utah is over there some where. Take care dll

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