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Hitting the Trails

The dirt road wound up and up and up. We were well over 10,000 feet and Chance was getting tired. It is very obvious how good of shape our horses are in compared to him. We took it slow and let him stop and rest and breath several times, while our horses hardly seemed to notice. Wait- I should stop saying that. Chance is our horse too! It’s weird having a fifth horse- hard to get used to.

Fiddle was enjoying herself and got bold and decided to lead the way almost the whole day! With Richard riding her for so long  now, she is turning into a real riding mule instead of just a pack mule that will carry a rider. I’m so proud of her.

Satchmo is walking well- his two chiropractic adjustments helped tremendously and his withers are healing quickly. 

 When we finally got to the trail head, Apache perked up and started walking like a maniac. He just loves trails. Horses are like people- they have preferences. Some like to jump, some like to cut cows, some like to run, some like to pull, some like trails. Apache was born for trails- and it shows. He is so happy it’s cute. I actually had to hold him back so he wasn’t dragging pour tired Chance!

The first couple  miles of trail were jaw dropping. Unbeknownst to us, it was only a taste of what was to come. We wound our way on switchbacks down to a narrow valley between two mountain ridges. We crossed a large creek on bridge, stepped into wonderland, and looked for a nice place to camp. The grass there was lush and green, the scenery was beautiful with dots of golden aspen throughout the mountainsides, and the creek gurgling completed the picture of serenity. No one else was around, and we got camp set up just in time to duck into the tent for a thunder and hale storm!

………. More pictures below- keep scrolling!


  1. Just letting you know your Google GPS map is not posting tonight for some reason??
    You are making great headways…hope Chance gets to rest. Terry

  2. Wow! Fall colors are so beautiful! Nice you are sharing with us! I really miss the fall colors..grew up on edge of Missouri Ozarks and it was always beautiful fall colors. Soak it in and enjoy it for me too! Love, Janet

  3. Hey, It looks so beautiful, where you are that is! Are you having a life altering experience? Is it everything you dreamed of as a child? We hope so. Best wishes, happy trails!!!

  4. Lukas is running around in his halloween ninja costume and wants me to tell you that Logan broke his ninja sword. Random, but thats what he wanted to tell you.

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