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“Horton”- another tagalong!

Our ride out of Toliver was misty, but not bad. Richard rode Fiddle and she wasn’t much in the mood to lead and was shying at all kinds of random things, so I took the pack string with Apache. Surprisingly, he walked out pretty fast in the front- better than he’s been walking out in a while. Maybe he just needed a change.

We met a wonderfully kind man on the way who bought us lunch at a local gas station where we parked for a pit stop, gave us cash for the journey, and took it upon himself to find hosts for us for the next two nights. People like that who take care of us on a whim just make our day. I’ve said many times and it is still true that if it weren’t for all the kind people who have helped us along the way, we wouldn’t have made it past the first week.

We set up camp that night on the back p0rch of an unused home that was owned by our host who lived next door. When we woke in the morning, it was high 30’s temperatures that greeted us on that lovely October 1st. Fall didn’t waste any time in forcing us to dig out our gloves and warm layers!

I turned into a real clutz that morning because I twisted both my ankles mildly. Thank God for Chance who was tied to the porch- he saved me. As I was tumbling off the steps looking at the bottom of my foot as my weight was coming down on it- I just knew that was a broken ankle about to happen- I grabbed at Chance’s neck for dear life. His neck caught all of my falling weight- scaring him a little- but he saved me from breaking my ankle. I stood there hugging him for a minute as my throbbing ankle calmed down and I was grateful that it was only twisted and that he was calm enough to let me grab him like that.

But Chance also had the honor of carrying our new tagalong- “Horton.” We found him out in the grass where the horses were grazing. He’s tiny and cute- orange in color. He’s very smiley and has a good attitude. He likes to ride and watch as we go down the road. It seemed fitting that we found him on October 1st and we love watching other people smile as they see him riding on gentle Chance.

Meet “Horton!” :)


Hey- you thought it was a cat didn’t you?! Don’t rule it out yet! :)


  1. So glad you are making your way safely! God is good. He will give you the strength to finish your journey. So glad that you didn’t hurt your ankle seriously! Thank God for Chance!

    Horton. Make sure you don’t forget to tuck him in at night since its getting cold!
    Love you guys!

    Sharp Family

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