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I’m impressed! Ya’ll were guessing pretty close! We’d love to hear a few more  replies on what your guesses were! :) And just a side note, that weight will probably change by about, mmmm, maybe 15 pounds. We were just donated a decent saddle for Richard to use on Satchmo. It fits him much better than the one that used to fit him when we left home, it is comfortable for Richard, and it is a few pounds lighter. We are grateful for that generous donation and anxious to see if it helps Satchmo. He does not need to suffer through another saddle sore the likes of the one he is recovering from.

Please pray for us as we head out tomorrow for Lexington. We have been laying low for nearly a week as Richard got very sick. I guess that’s what happens when you ride in the pouring rain for days and days on end. We are asking that the Lord would grant us a second (or 20th?) wind, that we would have supernatural energy, strength, health, safety, and endurance to finish this journey that He has laid before us. We are very, very weary currently, and are desperately asking for this in prayer. The Lord has kindly granted us both with an unwavering determination to finish- a miracle in itself. But we do need His strength at this point, as always. Please extend all of those prayer requests to the horses and Bella as well. The horses are as weary as we are. We may also move blogs to every other day for a while to lighten the work load until we find some more energy! Thank you once again for all of your loving support in so many ways. If all goes well, we should be to Lexington in about 10 days. :)


  1. I definitely will be praying and will put you on the prayer list at my church. I can definitely understand how the bad weather can bring you down. I also work outside but I don’t have to deal with what you do and it still gets to me. My heart and many prayers are with you all.

    God bless my friends.

  2. Our church family will be praying for you and your family as you travel on. Thank you for your stop in our comunity and blessing us so much. The love of christ sure does show through you both. TRUST, FAITH, and LOVE are very evident in your life. I hope that I am blessed to be able to visit you on your ranch. Thanks and God bless you.
    Corinth Baptist Church, Ronnie and Talli Basham

  3. Weight-wise, I was way under with my guess. I had you at 5,000 lbs. My prayers go with you–stay safe.

  4. It’s incredible that you’ve come this far! Rest up when you can and I’m sure that next “wind” will come soon! Love you!!

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