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In honor of Love


In honor of all the wonderful, amazing, lovely people we have met along this trail, this journey, this adventure- who have made us feel loved, welcomed, and safe- we salute you this Valentine’s Day and send hugs your way. I always knew the love of your spouse, your family, and your friends was special. But I have a new category in my life- those who barely knew us but went out of their way to make us feel loved. The Bible speaks highly of people who do that as it is a small slice of Heaven on Earth. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all you special people out there in our new category!

For those of you who are new to following this Ride Across America adventure by reading the blogs, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that you can see our up-to-the-minute location by going to the home page of HeartUpRanch.com and clicking on “Google Maps-Find Our Current Location” which is the first item in the drop-down menu under “Ride Across America”. Please keep in mind that the blogs are several days behind our current location due to the nature of our computer access, but our current location can always be accessed through the Google Maps link.

Also, in case you are new to this, if you scroll to the bottom of each blog, there is a place where you can write a comment. If a blog touches your heart, intrigues you, if you have a question, if you are amused, or if you simply want to write a word of encouragement… WE LOVE TO READ THESE COMMENTS! We look forward to this at every rest stop! Please share your thoughts with us- we DO read them all!

Happy Valentine’s Day to our supportive families, our friends at home who are ‘holding down the fort’ for us, to all the people around the country who have and are lending a helping hand with all the work involved with this ride and the establishment of Hearts Up Ranch.

Happy V-Day to our hard working ponies- ‘Chancelot’, ‘Cheesy’, ‘Fid’, ‘Tiskers’, and ‘Satch’  and lets not forget my kitty that I miss so much- Nacho.

And last but not least…. Happy Valentine’s Day to my “Husby” Richard. We have enjoyed each other’s company and determination on this ride, as well as put up with each other’s faults… and I only love you more for it. What a journey we’ve had!

And one last note…. good friends- the kind you keep your whole life-  are hard to come by. Especially the kind that take the time to play a little joke on you. One day, Lisa, this is going to happen and I will have a REAL picture of riding a giraffe! Good one, girl! :)


  1. I found out about your story from the Long Rider’s Guild while doing a bit of research. I started reading your blogs and, it took me a couple of days to read them all…. I’ve enjoyed them all and, look forward every night to your next blog entry. May the Lords’ favor be with your house all the days of your lives……


  2. When I first saw this page, I thought you’d managed to make another of your dreams come true. Then I looked more closely–good job with PhotoShop! I see you’re now into Missouri; hopefully the weather will improve from here on.

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