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In honor of the K/Chris’s and the Tims

On the day we were packing up to leave, we got a special delivery package- from Richard’s step sister Chris and her husband Tim. The contents? Mostly chocolate! M&M’s, Snickers, Reeses, KitKat, Crunch, etc.- oh the joy of our taste buds! We happily added it to our food supply- at least the bit we didn’t eat right on the spot!

We loaded up, said our goodbye’s to Chris and her family that we were staying with, and headed out for Chance’s first day on the job. The aspen were changing up in the mountains and we were looking forward to heading in that direction.

No sooner did we get two miles down the road, when a man on a motorcycle pulled over and started asking us questions. He was genuinely interested, but also looking for some company. It turns out that he and his wife live within the Forest Service Boundary on a remote property in the general direction we were going. They rarely got visitors. We were quite surprised, as we didn’t expect to see any more houses for many days, let alone get an invite to stop at one! It took some convincing that going to his house wouldn’t cost us extra  miles, but he sweetened his offer with dinner for us and the horses, a shower, and good conversation. We slightly changed our course to go to his house. Their names? Kris and Tim!

We’re glad we took up his offer. They were genuinely nice people who we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with. We had a lot in common, especially a sense of adventure and enjoyment of  nature. Some people you just click with- as was the case with them. They were building a beautiful log barn by hand, and we enjoyed a smorgasbord dinner served on a piece of plywood, accompanied by saws and hammers. We loved their property and their friendship.

Chance spent his first night on the highline- separated just a few extra feet from the other horses. He accepted it calmly, though he had a little bit of worry in his eyes. We did, after all, pull him out of a quiet pasture life to be fast forwarded into a whole new lifestyle. I feel bad for the little guy, but he has a big heart, a strong work ethic, and a tough spirit and I know he will adjust quickly. His first day on the job went smoothly.He carried his pack well,  was calm and poised, and we hardly noticed we had a new horse with us because he blended in so well. It was a completely successful first day.

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  1. It appears you’ve made the pass and are down to 30 mile campground… Good to see, it’s supposed to start snowing on the pass over the weekend and, in some amount or another, snow for a week. Been praying for your safety.

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