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Considering as how we are on a tight budget for this Ride Across America, it was definitely a consideration when deciding if we should keep Bella. As you know, we are avoiding using money fundraised for Hearts Up Ranch for expenses related to the ride so that Hearts Up can be benefited to the maximum extent. We already dehydrated all our food for the year prior to leaving home. Granted, we have been blessed with much hospitality that has really made the food stretch and the pallet avoid becoming exasperated with slop for dinner! But Bella’s food is a different story. That will cost money we weren’t prepared to spend.

But as we shared in previous blogs, there were many things that came together at just the right time to convince us that she was a gift from God- not an added burden. We resolved to trust God to provide for her too, just as He has done for us.

He already has.

A wonderful woman named Melany has been touched by the story of Bella and the Ride Across America for Hearts Up Ranch.

Let me share a few of her touching words:

“Oh I have been so touched by your journey; I check in every morning now. The work of healing hearts- it’s the pain folks do not see often! Who says, “my heart’s broken” when asked how they are?! What a wonderful calling the Lord has given you!”

Melany shared from her heart through private correspondence with us how she has suffered her share of hurt. But she did remember fondly her late parents. Her mom was an animal lover, and her dad was a professional bird dog trainer who dreamed of making a trip like ours from Missouri to Colorado. Melany thought she could do something to help with our journey, and then she read about Bella.

In memory of her mom and dad, Dorothy and Jim Barnes; animal lovers both; Melany has offered to help pay for Bella’s food on the Ride Across America.

What a heartfelt gift, a blessing to us and to Bella, and an answer to prayer. Many thanks Melany for your thoughtful and generous gift. It is an honor to know that Bella’s belly will stay full in memory of your wonderful parents. God Bless you as you have blessed us! :)


  1. Ride on! Me and my fiance saw u guys on the news tonight. I personally have no idea why anybody would get on a horse and ride thousands of miles, but to do it in the name of god and his creaturea is PRICELESS! Ride on…..ride on…god bless and be safe..

  2. Wow! Melany, what a blessing this is! I’m so encouraged to hear about your desire to get involved in this sacrificial way. Thanks!

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