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Item #367 of things to get your horse used to!

Richard and I are amusing ourselves by keeping a running list of what our horses see for the first time in their life and shy at. The list keeps getting stranger. Who ever thought our horses would have to be ok with remote controlled planes and cars?! We spent a rather frustrating day (I’m sure the frustration level was not helped by the lack of sleep) trying to find our way towards Fort Churchill. The map we had showed a road we needed- which didn’t exist. We were in the right spot without a doubt; it simply wasn’t there! We rode towards highway 50 for an easy way to travel, but there was a cement barrier in that area with no shoulder- not an option to ride on- let alone even get to. So we spent the day riding cross country on any trail, powerline road, open field of sage, or anything that looked like it headed East. We did as lot of backtracking when we ran into private fences, dead ends, and other such obstacles. The RC planes came into play when we saw them flying overhead and noticed tents up ahead, as if there was a small¬† event going on. We figured that maybe they would have water so we headed over there. We found a small gathering of RC enthusiasts flying planes and recklessly and noisily racing RC vehicles over a hilly crash course. The horses had no idea what to make of this new scene! The folks there were quite nice and offered water to our horses out of their supply for keeping the dust down.

We did, however, amuse ourselves by getting familiar with the local wildlife- which consists mainly of a miriad of types of lizzards. Around the time we were getting sick and tired of backtracking and just wanted to be done for the day (we only made it 11 miles in 6 hours), a couple nice kids met us out at the road we were riding along and asked to pet the horses. It wasn’t long before we were invited to stay for the night, and we happily accepted. The kids helped us with our chores (brushing horses and saddle pads, taking cheatgrass out of the velcro on the Easy Boots, setting up camp, watering the horses, etc.) and then a neighbor invited us over for dinner and a shower. I still smirk at the combination- dinner and a shower. :) But hey, it’s what we need and appreciate! We had cell reception which we were glad for, as we got to call our fathers for Father’s Day. The rancher offered us hay for our horses which we thankfully accepted. Apache, by the way, is doing well. He is walking much faster than when we stopped a month ago. I am still hoping that he is better enough for this trip and should know soon. His low back was a little sore today, so I will have Tiska carry his saddle bags tomorrow and see if that helps.

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